How to Keep Your Puppy Mentally Stimulated?

A mentally stimulated pup is a happy pup! Keeping him stimulated of course is easier said than done. Thanks to the best dog food you have chosen for him and proper maintenance and upkeep, your little furball is bustling with energy all the time!

You have walked him outdoors, made him run around the park, and even played “fetch-ball” with him, but he still seems to be bubbling around! Mental stimulation is what he needs more than physical activity. Here are a few things you can do.

Train Him to Perform Basic Tricks

Just spend around 10 to 15 minutes each day, training your dog to follow simple commands like “drop it”, “bring it” or “retrieve”. You will be surprised to learn how much energy it takes out of him.

Once you have trained him, apply these at home. Hide some of his favorite toys in his room and ask him to “retrieve”! You will be pleased with the eagerness and outcome. End each session with a snuggle and a hug or perhaps even a treat! Give him a bowl of his favourite dog food! They will be happy souls indeed!

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mentally stimulated pup is a happy pup

Use Playtime Simulation Tools

Training during playtime is best. Normal “fetch the ball” games do not provide enough mental stimulation. Also, they tend to become repetitive with time. For newly acquired skills you can resort to simulation tools that may roll the ball in different directions or throw it around in different directions.

Each time, the dog will have to gauge the exact location of the ball, in order to fetch it. This will enhance mental alertness. He needs to be fed right too. The best dog food for supporting these activities should be enriched with colostrum and nutrients essential for joint health.

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Play Hide and Seek

Just like small children, our fur babies find it exciting too. You will need help from a human friend who will ask your pup to sit in one room while you hide. Choose a place within his reach, like behind the couch for instance. Call your dog. Watch him as he gallops and finds you! You and your furry friend will both enjoy this climactic moment more than ever.

Remember to hand him a treat at the end of it. Some training will however be needed before you can indulge in a game of hide and seek with your pup. You will need to teach him to stay in one place when told to, or else, he is likely to follow you everywhere, defeating the purpose of the game!

Purchase a Few Games for your Dogs

Just like the best dog foods can be bought online; there are some interesting games that can be picked up online too. You can perhaps fit in some colorful balls in cupcake moulds and place them before your dog. He will spend hours trying to figure how to bring them out!

You do not want your pup to waste his energies chewing rugs or breaking flower pots! Keeping him mentally stimulated and physically active is necessary.

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