How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer – Important Tips

Summers can mean a whole lot of outdoor time with your dog but when the temperature starts to soar you need to take a few steps towards keeping your dog cool in the summer heat.

Heat stress can be a serious problem with dogs which is why you need to be aware of the symptoms of pet overheating and learn about the best way to keep your dog cool in the summer.

Every summer lots of dogs in hot weather areas die of heat stroke and other heat related problems.

According to a survey conducted by vet clinics from all over the world, 48% of clinics had to treat the dogs because of heat related issues.

It goes without saying that one of the most important skills of every dog owner is keeping dog cool in summer heat.

A Few Ideas to Keep your Dog Cool in the Summer

  1. Avoid Leaving your Dog in the Car

If you are wondering how to how to keep your dog cool outside the house, then the first thing you need to do is stop locking your dog up in the car. Even if the temperature is moderate outside, it can really soar up within a closed car.

Locking up your dog in the car would not just make him feel choked but could also lead to a massive heat stroke especially on a sunny day. Either leave your pet at home while going out, or just take him along wherever you are going.

  1. A Little Food and Plenty of Water Would Take You a Long Way in Keeping your Dog Cool

In the summer months you need to keep your dog hydrated at all times. This is especially true of bulky dogs that are at a greater risk for dehydration. Make sure to keep a watch on the water bowl at all times and refill it whenever needed.

On extremely hot and humid days you can always add a few cubes of ice to keep the dog cool. Make sure to feed your dog less in extreme heat since the digestive process in dogs can generate a lot of body heat.

  1. Keep your Dog House Cool in Summer

In order to keep the dog cool make sure to select a shady area to place the dog house. In order to restrict your dog’s exposure to the scorching sun, always place the dog house under a shady tree. In case there is no shade available then cover the house with a tarpaulin.

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  1. How to Keep a Dog Cool Inside the House

On the hot summer afternoons you need to switch on the air con and allow your dog to truly chill. If you don’t have an AC in your house then open the windows and leave the fans on. Sprinkle the floor tiles with a little water so that they can sprawl on the cool tiles from time to time.

Another easy way of keeping your pets cool in the summer heat is to soak a towel in cold water and allow your pet to lie on that.

  1. Buy a Small Pool to Keep the Dog Cool

If your dog spends most of its time outdoors then its’ time for you to buy a kiddie pool to keep the dog cool. A cheap plastic kiddie pool would let your dog wade in the water and cool off.

  1. Thorough Grooming is Important Especially in the Summer Time

The undercoat of your dog plays a major role in keeping the dog cool. However, it needs proper care and maintenance otherwise it could get dirty and matted and prevent the flow of air onto the dog’s skin. Make sure to trim and brush your dog frequently so as to keep the undercoat healthy and comfy.

  1. Do not Over-Exercise your Dog

Don’t go for a long walk or run with your dog on a hot and humid day. Go for short walks in cooler parts of the day like early morning or after sunset. Also make sure to carry enough water for both of you.

  1. Buy Gears to Keep the Dog Cool

There are plenty of gears which you can find in your nearest pet shop which are going to keep your dog cool. Dog cooling vests, dog cooling collars and dog beds that stay cool are some of the pet gears which would help to keep your dog cool.

If you are really keen on keeping your dog cool in the summer then consider investing on the best cooling dog bed and a keep cool mat for your dog to rest on.

Wrapping it up

Follow these easy steps to keep your dog cool in the uncomfortable summer months so as to prevent heat stroke and other serious illnesses.

Whenever your dog has raised temperature or suffers from excessive panting, fatigue, muscle tremors, sunken eyes or dry mouth, make sure to take the dog to a vet.

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