Fit Fido: How to Exercise Your Dog Right in Your Backyard

Approximately 56 percent of dogs are currently overweight or obese.

If your dog falls into one of these categories, it’s essential that you make sure they’re getting a sufficient amount of exercise. But, that can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you don’t have as much time as you’d like to take them out for walks.

Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to take your dog for a walk to help them stay healthy and fit.

Read on to learn how to exercise your dog without leaving the comfort of your own backyard.

Benefits of Exercise for Dogs

Besides helping them maintain a healthy weight, there are lots of other reasons to make sure your dog gets regular exercise.

Some other benefits you’ll see when you exercise your dog on a consistent basis include:

  • Fewer destructive behaviors (scratching, chewing, etc.)
  • Fewer investigative behaviors (garbage raiding)
  • Reduced hyperactivity and excitability
  • Reduced predatory and rough play
  • Fewer attention-seeking behaviors (barking, whining, jumping, etc.)

When they get regular exercise, there’s also a good chance that your dog will sleep better at night.

This means that you’ll also get a better night’s rest since you won’t have to worry about getting up with them as often, if at all.

How to Exercise Your Dog in Your Backyard

If you can’t get your dog out for regular walks, the next best thing is to make an effort to exercise them outside in your backyard.

The following are some simple ways to help your dog get the exercise they need:

  1. Play Fetch

One of the easiest things you can do to exercise your dog in your backyard is to simply play fetch with them. All you have to do is get some fun toys and throw them across the yard for your dog to retrieve.

You can also buy a retrieval tool that makes it easier for you to pick up and throw the ball without tiring out your arm.

  1. Set Up an Obstacle Course

Tire out your dog and give them a new challenge by setting up an obstacle course in your backyard. Let them crawl through tunnels, jump over small barriers, or weave their way through cones.

It may take some time to master these obstacles, but they’ll eventually learn some great new tricks and improve their agility.

  1. Give Them Easy Outdoor Access

If you have more than one dog, sometimes, just letting them chase each other around the backyard is sufficient.

The key is to make it easy for them to go outside and play. Try installing a dog door so they can run around in the backyard whenever they want.

Before you go ahead with the installation, be sure to read more about pet doors online to figure out which one is best for your house and your dogs.

  1. Use a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a pole that has a toy attached to it with a string. This can be a great option if you have a small dog or puppy that tires out easily.

Simply sit or stand and dangle the toy over them while they chase it — it’s that easy!

Get More Pet Care Tips Today

Now that you know how to exercise your dog, you might be interested in learning what other steps you can take to make sure they’re living a healthy, happy life.

Check out the pets section of our site today for a variety of simple dog care tips and tricks.

You’ll learn everything from how to train your dog to how to spot and prevent infections and other illnesses.

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