How to Choose Best Destination for First Holiday Abroad

You have had a busy year and have decided to have vacation abroad. It is your first time to move outside your country and looking for popular holiday destinations, right? Don’t worry.

These tips will help you plan and choose some of the best places to visit in the world

  1. Consider Language

Language barrier can create misunderstanding between you and the people around you.

It feels good to be in a place where you can comfortably communicate with each other as this will make you share information and learn more about the place.

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If at all you cannot master their language, it is advisable you look for someone who lives there and understands your language or who can give you some basic information on what you are looking for. In this way, your trip will be enjoyable and full of fun.

  1. Be Decisive and Book Ahead

You have been planning of that trip and now it is your time to make a decision. People normally miss flight and accommodation opportunities because of late bookings.

Remember, planning a holiday trip is not a spontaneous activity and so the need to arrange in advance on the logistics.

According to a report, early bookings can make you take advantage of offers and save as much as 25% of total cost.

  1. Consider Travel Distance

Travel distance will be dependent on the amount of time you have for the holiday. Taking this into consideration will make you get the best out of the limited time you have.

For example, if you only have three days for the holiday, you can opt for a half day flight and spend the rest of the days enjoying your holiday, then taking long hours on the way, which will make you tired and have less time to enjoy.

Consider your neighboring countries as possible destination if you have less time for the holiday.

  1. Choose Seasons Wisely

Different seasons come with different weather patterns. It is advisable that the weather of your first holiday destination abroad should be similar to your home place.

You don’t need to travel to a place with cold weather while there is warm weather at home. Since you are not used to this, your body might react differently and this can easily spoil your first holiday abroad.

  1. Think About What You Want From Your Holiday

This should be the first step in planning your holiday. For the first time, it is better you don’t include too much objectives as this will create confusion and make your holiday tiresome and boring.

Remember, you also need time to rejuvenate after the trip and it is advisable you concentrate on one or two activities. For example, if you just want to have your own time and relax, think of beach holidays, for real adventure you should think of places with best scenes and features like mountains and forests.

If you are planning to have the best holiday with kids, look for destinations full of fun and children activities.

  1. Budget for the Holiday

Never go for a trip that will leave your pockets dry. Instead, have a realistic budget.

Consult traveling companies about prices of commodity and services of different destinations of choice, compare and make a budget decision that is within your means.

Poor planning can also make you experience financial crunch during the holiday and this can ruin the rest of your vacation and probably spoil your future holiday ambitions.

  1. Don’t be Overly Ambitious

Sometimes, the most popular vacation destinations may not offer the experience you want while abroad. This is because they tend to be overwhelmed by the large number of people frequenting there from time to time.

“Underdog” destinations tend to be cheaper and unique but still offering same services as the famous ones. They tend to customize the needs of holiday makers and give them best services in order to wow and make them come back again.

Remember, even the bigger destinations also started as small ones.

  1. Relate the Trip to Your Hobby

Relating your trip to your hobby or passion can make it more interesting and a memorable one. This will make you enjoy the things you see and do.

For example, if you are a sky diver, consider traveling to New Zealand or Switzerland, for boat racing you can think of North America.

Apart, from enjoying these activities, you will also gain some skills and maybe make a living out of it in future.

  1. Choose a Destination You Have a Connection With

Choosing a country where you have friends or family members for your first trip makes a lot of sense. This is because you will be more comfortable as they will be showing you around and giving you more information about the place.

This will also make your trip less costly as you may not need the services of tour companies.

Where to Look for Holiday Inspiration

It is now January; you are broke and are spending most of your time indoors. Well you should have something to do finding some holiday ideas to help you plan your trip.

  • Create a Pinterest

It involves online creation of boards where you are able to pin images. These can be of favorite holiday destinations, beautiful beaches and travel tips.

  • Travel Bloggers

Travel bloggers give the most current and updated information about best and upcoming destination points. They are more reliable because some of them always travel to those places or work with travel advisors or tourism boards, make comparisons and come up with top travel destinations all over the world. They are always ahead of other sources since they instantly post this information in their blog sites.

  • Search for Travel Sites

There are sites specifically created to offer best places to travel and where to go on vacation… They include:

  1. Lonely Planet, which offers and sells best travel and destination guide books.
  2. Secret Escapes – offers up to 70% of travel and accommodation discounts.
  3. Best at Travel.
  • Magazines

You can get wide range of information on travel and holiday tips through travel magazines. They include:

  1. Conde Nast Traveler
  2. Travel + Leisure Magazine
  3. Departures
  4. Elite Traveler
  5. France Magazine

Wrapping Up

Whether your first trip will be successful or not largely depends on how prepared you are.

Choosing the best holiday destination abroad will make you have a wonderful experience and have something to talk about.

Remember to budget well and be clear on the reason for your trip. If at all you cannot make a right decision yourself, consult travel companies or consult your friends or relatives who have had similar experiences.

When traveling with family, think of best family holiday destinations that will offer universal services suitable for all members. Try these tips and you will have a memorable experience.

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