Remodel with Confidence: Hot Kitchen Trends That Will Last for Years

It’s hard to find the right renovation approach when you’re trying to create a look that will last. There’s a fine line between being totally on-trend one year and having a completely outdated look the next.

You have to establish a balance between which hot, must-have items will work well in your home with those that are chic and timeless. This goes for every room in the house, but it’s even more important in large spaces like the kitchen and the living room. You don’t want to redo your kitchen backsplash every year or have to find new couches to fit new trends!

As far as the kitchen goes, here are some beautiful kitchen trends that will last to consider using in this year’s home renovation.

  1. Sharp Contrasts

Nothing gives the kitchen a better facelift than a unique mix of colors. Don’t be afraid to pair brown and black elements together, or to contrast a light color with a deeper, darker tone.

Some great examples of this include:

  • Black cabinets and white walls
  • Deep greens and creamy whites
  • Dark blue and light yellows

Contrast also refers to texture, like mixing brick and concrete. It might be worth using ceramic tiles as your new kitchen flooring or using them to create a small backsplash under wooden shelves, as some custom kitchens do.

  1. Open Shelving

The next kitchen trend worth bringing into your home is open shelving.

This basically means to get rid of your cabinet doors altogether instead of looking for new cabinets. Such an approach to organization makes your entire kitchen look much cleaner and more sophisticated.

Not to mention, there are all kinds of different shelving materials you can use! You can opt between strong yet simple glass shelves, warm wooden shelves, or use some sort of metal to hold up all your kitchen items.

  1. Industrial Accents

Even if you don’t use metal materials to create your shelves, try to incorporate this and other industrial accents into your home somehow.

Industrial materials fit all kinds of various decor styles. They can work well with French country homes, modern kitchens, and even boho chic spaces if you know how to use them correctly.

The key is to find the right tones to use.

You may find brass knobs to put on your lower drawers/cabinets or decide to put a concrete-looking countertop on the kitchen island. There’s also the option of creating industrial-style lighting with hanging bulbs and exposed wires, which has become one of the more popular styles recently.

Renovate Now with Kitchen Trends That Will Last for Many Years

If your kitchen has been looking outdated for quite some time, you can’t wait any longer to give it an upgrade. The longer you put off learning about kitchen trends that will last and planning a renovation, the more of an eyesore this space will become.

You deserve better. A beautiful kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s ideal for quiet mornings having coffee and for entertaining loved ones on the weekends.

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