Got a Project But Don’t Know Where to Start? Hire A World-Class Engineer Like This

Engineers are special people. If you have a special project for your home or business and need to hire engineering experts, good luck.

The job outlook for mechanical engineers is expected to grow by almost 9% between 2016 and 2026. Engineers are among the most employable people right now and demand for their services is extremely high.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to hire an engineer. Read on to find out how you can hire a world-class engineer for your next project.

What Type of Engineer Are You Looking For?

Let’s talk about your project. Are you developing an app and need a software engineer? Do you have a tangible computing product and need an electric or computer hardware engineer?

That’s the place to start because you can be sure that you hire the right type of engineer.

Use Past Hiring Experience

Have you had to hire an engineer in the past? Now is the time to reflect on that past experience and get qualitative and quantitative data. This will help you improve your hiring process this time around.

If you have, what was your success rate? In other words, how many resumes did you get, how many offers were made?

Was your hire a good fit for your company? Would you consider the hire to be successful? Why or why not?

What do you do with this information? Use it to gain valuable insights. For example, if the person you hired wasn’t a good fit for your company, look at your interview process and job description. Make sure to make candidates aware of your company culture.

This will attract the candidates who are a good fit with your company’s culture and have the skills that you’re looking for, too.

Know Your Culture and the Skills You’re Looking For

When you’re in the process to hire engineering experts, you want to take a few things into consideration.

The first is the experience. Does the engineer you plan to hire have the necessary experience to do the project at hand? If they do, great. They should be considered for the job. If not, don’t cast them aside. See if they have the skills that would transfer to your project.

The second is the skillset. You have to know what skills will be required to do the job. In a project like developing a software app, they would need to know JavaScript, Python, or BuildFire.

Just because demand for engineers is high, that doesn’t mean you should compromise your company’s values or culture.

You should take an assessment of what you’re looking for in your engineering team. What are the main values you want for your team?

Some companies put collaboration high on the list while others put working independently as a top priority. They also invest in a great office environment to work in.

Typical company culture attributes include trust, purpose, empowerment, communication, results, and employee engagement.

There’s a reason why you should put company culture high on the list. People want to like where they work. Most millennials would take a pay cut if it meant working in a better company culture that aligned with their values.

Knowing your values is a big part of developing your brand as an employer. Do that part well, and it will be easy to hire world-class engineers.

Sourcing Engineers Has Nothing to Do with Code

Hiring managers always need to be engaged in developing relationships with engineers. This is a continuous process, whether you’re hiring now or 6 months from now.

Engineers want to know that people appreciate their skills, and they want to know the people they’re going to be working for.

Sourcing engineers is like keeping a database of good engineers that you can call on when the need arises. You can reach out to them, have coffee with them, and learn about them without the formalities of an interview.

There are a few ways to start sourcing engineers. Reaching out to engineers in your area on LinkedIn is a good place to start. If you have a stack of resumes from past projects, you can go through and see if there’s anyone that you should keep in touch with.

You can also reach out to this company that specializes in hiring engineers for special projects.

How to Make Your Project Appealing

Once you have what you’re looking for in an employee down, it’s time to decide how to sell your project to engineers.

You want to describe your project in a way that talks about the basics and gives your project a purpose. Having a purpose and a mission behind the project will help you hire inspired engineers, not just someone who wants a job.

Start your job posting with information about the project and the skills required. You also want to mention the company culture and the values that your employees all share.

Then have a couple of sentences about the transformative nature of the project. Express how it can change lives or an entire industry.

Interview Engineers

A write up like that will attract a lot of candidates to your company. You should have your pick to hire engineering experts that are world-class and a great with your company.

When you interview engineers, ask questions about how they handle people and specific situations.

Hiring Engineering Experts, the Right Way

Engineers are among the most employable professions out there. They can have their pick of whatever job they want.

In such a competitive environment, it is tough to hire a world-class engineer. You can make your project appealing and hire engineering experts that you can trust will get the job done. Remember that just because someone has the skills to do the job, it doesn’t mean that they are a good fit for your company.

They could have the type of personality that could cause strife. You can avoid that by putting collaboration and your company’s culture first.

Want to know more about hiring great employees? Read this article for tips to hire the best candidate for the job.

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