Healthy Eating Tips For Night Shift Workers

Working nights is a headache for shift workers. For those who are supposed to work in night, here you get a best diet plan.  You can check whether you are following a healthy diet plan or not.

Mostly night shift workers weigh more than day shift workers.  This weight gain results in lack of self-respect and self-confidence. But if you know about healthy diet tips suitable for you, you can enjoy your food and your work at night. Having your dinner at regular time will make your body energetic and healthy.

The best healthy foods make your nights healthy too. For this, you must consider certain things and just be aware about do’s and don’ts while having food at night.

If you have a healthy diet plan for night, it will help you to make your body health. So, having clear idea about your health and body helps you to make a clear diet plan.

The main quality for a night worker is alertness. So have your food by knowing your body. If you eat large amount of food, it will reduce alertness and make you sleepy. Larger portions of food cause heartburn, gas or constipation. So have smaller amounts of food. Taking protein rich food makes you alert.

If you are a lover of fried foods, please keep a distance from it while working night shifts. Fried chicken and spicy chilly may lead to heartburn and indigestion. Potato fries and French fries are good in taste – but you just stay away from it, because you are a night shift worker, it takes more time to digest and contribute to weight gain.

Homemade foods are healthier and hygienic than any other food. If you have a good chance to carry your food from home, then have it. Homemade food will helps you to balance physical and mental health.

Skipping meals is an easy way for most of the night shift workers. It helps in keeping your pocket safe. But it is not good for your health and pocket in future. So, don’t try to skip your meal. Have your meal two or three hours before your work. Skipping meals will be a reason for weight gain.

Surveys done by different agencies say that, most of the night shift workers are skipping their meals and instead of having meals they are eating snacks. This is because most of the night workers don’t have much awareness about the importance of night meals.

“The night shift workers did not eat more than day workers, but ate smaller meals and snacks over a greater time frame. Night shift workers revealed significant differences (p< 0.05) in food intake patterns on work and rest days, while day workers did not.” (Based on a study done by students of University of Surrey)

Caffeinated beverages are loved by everyone. You may feel a quick energy after having a chocolate bar or sugary syrup or caffeinated beverage. This feeling doesn’t long last and you may experience low water has an important role too.

Keep hydrated with water instead of caffeinated beverages. Eight to ten glasses of water is essential for you to stay healthy. Keep a water bottle nearby and take sips even before you feel thirsty. It helps you to get hydrated.

Beverages such as alcohol make you feel more relaxed, but alcohol can disturb your job. You may get fired from your job because of your energy drink.

Before You Get Into Your Night Shift….

* Have your dinner. Have food which is nutrient dense and not calorie dense. Don’t skip your dinner.

* Don’t rush when you eat. Take your own time to finish it. Enjoy your food.

* Take some homemade snacks, if you want. So you can avoid fried snacks.

* Don’t try to depend on packaged drinks. Take your own. Your pocket is safe.

You can take foods like Breads, Grain salads, Roasted rice flakes, Chopped fruits with lower fat yogurt, Hummus with row vegetables, Fruit shakes made with lower fat milk, Eat nuts, Almonds, roasted sesame seeds.

On Night Shift……

* Switch on your alertness. Avoid alcohol and intake less amount of caffeinated beverages.

* Don’t feel shy to say no to fried foods, have your homemade snacks. Oily foods make you feel sleepy.

* Sugary juices are nice to taste, but worse for health.

* You can take small amount of food while you work.

* Stay hydrated.

After Night Shift…

* Before you go to bed, eat small, light meal which should be a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fat.

* It is not good to sleep with an empty belly.

* At night, body naturally slows down digestion and metabolic process. So eating a small meal will provide a better sleep.

I believe you get rid of your problems and doubts on healthy eating on your night shift. Enjoy your night shifts with healthy food.

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