The Different Health Benefits Of Fountains

If you are considering the installation of a water feature in your business or home, you are probably aware of the various benefits that come along with these items.

A water feature is able to provide attractive visuals, and the steady water sound is able to relax a person mitigating any undesired noises.

However, did you know that an indoor water feature is able to benefit one’s health as well.  An indoor water fountain can act as a humidifier, air purifier, and an ionic air purifier.

Health Benefits Of a Water Fountain

  1. An Air Purifier

Clean air is highly significant for a person’s well being, particularly in properties a person shares with their family. If you would like an air purifier in your home with other benefits and capabilities, it may be worthwhile considering the installation of an indoor fountain. This will be far more aesthetically pleasing and, believe it or not, it will clean the air just as well.

A study done on an 84-inch indoor fountain within a 2’700 square foot room showed that the fountain removes the same amount of debris and dirt as a HEPA air purifier. It was found that a larger fountain is able to clean the air even more efficiently.

  1. A Humidifier

An important part of the home’s air quality is the degree of humidity in the air. In bitter winter months when a person turns the furnace up, the air in the home will be dried along with one’s hair, skin and respiratory system.

By installing an indoor water fountain or water wall, it is possible to turn all the humidity troubles around. A water wall or water fountain is a highly attractive alternative to a machine designed exclusively for the task of humidifying the air.

The water feature will offer a constant source of water for the air, thus allowing the home to remain comfortable and keep your body from suffering any negative consequences.

  1. An Ionic Air Purifier

There is another important factor to consider when looking at a home’s air quality and this is the positive and negative ions. Some individuals are aware of these items, but others are not.

The air in a person’s home is constantly being electrically charged by negative and positive ions. Positive ions are produced by common appliances in the property, such as a microwave or television. When breathing in the air with the positive ions, the ions will affect your energy and mood.

An indoor water fountain is beneficial in that it provides negative ions to combat the phenomenon, which will increase your production of serotonin and improve mood with energy. The negative ions are produced in natural settings, such as forests, mountains and rivers.

An indoor fountain or water wall is a fascinating piece of machinery and art. Not only will this indoor feature improve the class and style of one’s indoor settings, but it will also contribute to your well being.

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