The Definitive Guide to Wedding Attire for Men

No matter how dressed-down or put-together your daily attire is, when it’s wedding season, you have to bring out all your top looks. This is easy to do if you only have one wedding coming up or if you already have a go-to suit to throw on.

But, if you’re at that stage when everyone is getting married, it can be hard to find different ways to suit up over and over. This is especially difficult if you can’t even remember the last time you wore a suit!

Not to worry, to look your absolute best this wedding season, follow the tips on wedding attire for men listed below. Begin with the basics then focus on the finishing touches.

The Basic Suit Essentials

Everyone knows the three essential parts of a suit are the pants, the shirt, and the jacket. But, there’s also the undershirt, the belt, the tie, and even the tie pin to think about.

Here’s how to put all the pieces together in a way that looks super sharp.

  1. Choose a Suit Color

Don’t stress about anything else until you’ve chosen your suit color. There’s always the classic option of black pants and a black jacket, yet, navy suits and grey suits do pretty well for themselves too. If you don’t have many options to choose from in your own closet, consider using the occasion to buy brand-new custom tuxedos.

Consider what color will best bring out your physical features and start to brainstorm how you would match certain items with each suit. Think about the shirt you really want to wear or the tie that looks best in photos. Also, keep the material of each suit in mind in order to be fully prepared for the ceremony and party settings.

  1. Pick Your Tie

Once you have a suit picked out, the shirt decision is pretty easy to make. What many men spend time going back and forth on, though, is the tie.

Do you prefer a traditional tie or a bowtie? Should you wear a thin tie or a standard cut, a patterned one or a single-color tie? You’re not the only one that asks themselves these questions, but the answer is actually quite simple.

Choose the tie that will best match your socks. Seriously, no one wears standard black or white socks anymore. Patterned designs and custom sayings have transformed how guys dress up and they can help you narrow down your options!

  1. Decide on Suspenders and Vests

Another way to approach choosing a tie is deciding whether or not you want to wear a vest or suspenders. Pro tip: don’t wear both.

If you choose suspenders, put on a bow tie. If you choose a vest, pick a classic tie so that you each piece complements the other instead of being too busy. Or, you can skip these parts of a suit entirely, which is best if you don’t feel comfortable trying to pull off such looks.

Shoes and Accessories

After you have the basics out of the way, do a bit of double-checking to make sure everything matches and fits the way it should. The first thing to look at is your color coordination.

  1. Color Coordinating Everything

Color coordinating is just as important for classic black and white tuxes as it is for men who prefer fun patterns and bold colors. You have to create the perfect balance.

To do so, check your belt, your watch, your shoes, and your socks. The belt and watch should match in color or at least not clash. The shoes should complement the main color of the suit and your socks, as mentioned above, should match your tie.

  1. Watch-Wearing Rules

It’s easy to match a black watch band with a black belt or a silver watch with a grey suit. It gets difficult trying to wear gold with a grey suit or some sort of brown leather with a black suit, though.

Keep this in mind as you’re getting dressed. The watch is often the last thing that men put on before they’re ready, but you can’t suit all the way up just to realize you don’t have something that matches.

Casual Wedding Attire for Men

What if the wedding you’re going to is a bit more casual than a traditional wedding? This is the case for many beach weddings, backyard weddings, and small, intimate ceremonies.

To look your best for these events without trying too hard, here are a couple of ideas for casual wedding attire for men.

  1. Jeans and a Button Down

You can never go wrong with jeans and a button down. This look is great for date night, guys night out on the town, and casual wedding attire. It’s comfortable for a hot ceremony on the beach and easy to layer with a light jacket if there’s a bit of a chill outside.

Still, don’t throw on any old outfit. The best men’s wedding attire tips in this situation are to make sure your shirt is properly ironed and that your jeans are the right length. Use the color-coordinating and watch-wearing rules above to tie it all together.

  1. Take the Jacket, Skip the Tie

For weddings that you just don’t feel like dressing all the way up for, you can give yourself a break and skip the tie. But, at least throw on your jacket. This pairs well with dress slacks and many guys get away with it and jeans.

The effort shows you support the lovely couple and their big day, while still being yourself. It ensures you’re dressed appropriately and totally comfortable for all the festivities ahead.

More Fashion Tips and Tricks

It’s one thing to know how to look nice or an interview or a first date, and a totally different ballpark to understand the rules of wedding attire for men. Keep the tips above in mind for all the weddings you have on your calendar this year and use them to prepare for your own wedding someday!

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