Awesome Gift Ideas for People Who Are Difficult to Buy For

Between Father’s Day, June graduations, and the many weddings you’re invited to this summer, it’s likely that you are struggling to come up with unique presents that won’t break the bank.

Let’s face it: there are some people who are just hard to buy for. In some ways, that’s a good thing! When it’s the thought that truly counts, you can save a little dough and still let them know how much they mean.

Gifts for Your Favorite Foodie

Know someone who loves to eat, drink, and be merry? Make their job as host a little easier — and ensure that you’re invited to partake of the spoils.

  1. A BBQ Subscription Box

It’s prime grilling season, so if your Dad loves to fire up the flames and gather everyone ’round for a backyard cookout, check out BBQ-themed subscription boxes. Every month, he’ll get a selection of barbecue tools, spice rubs, sauces, condiments, wood chips, and even meat.

  1. High-End Glassware

A set of high-end wine glasses or rocks glasses makes the perfect gift for a newly minted college grad. After all, they’ve probably been drinking out of red Solo cups and mismatched souvenir shot glasses for the past four years. What better way to welcome them to the adult world than a classy way to drink up?

  1. Learn from a Michelin-Starred Master Chef

If your sig-o, spouse, or sibling idolizes Gordon Ramsay, Alice Waters, or Thomas Keller, treat them to a year’s worth of courses with MasterClass. They will get insider tips and tricks, as well as in-depth lessons in knife work, seasoning, cooking techniques, and much more.

Protip: there are classes available in a variety of subjects and pursuits, all taught by the biggest and brightest names in each industry. Your lucky recipient could learn filmmaking from Scorsese, photography from Liebovitz, or tennis from Serena.

Awesome Gift Ideas for Adventurers

There’s one in every crowd — the friend who gets his kicks from doing the craziest, most extreme activities around. Acknowledge their fearlessness (and stay safe yourself) with these gifts for adventurous spirits.

  1. Induce an Adrenaline Rush

Give your thrill-seeking friends a ride in a hot-air balloon or send them soaring down a zip line. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. They’ll never forget it — or you!

Other amazing presents that will get their heart pumping include driving a race car, bungee jumping, flying lessons, rock climbing, or scuba diving.

  1. Great Gear for Outdoors Enthusiasts

If your recipient loves to get out into nature, check out the many awesome gift ideas on this website. Whether they’re into camping, snowshoeing, or just relaxing in front of a fire pit, there are plenty of great presents to choose from.

  1. House or Pet Sitting Vouchers

Really short on cash this gift-giving season? Let your wandering friends know that you are prepared to housesit or take charge of their beloved husky at the drop of a hat. They will love being able to head out for an adventure while knowing that everything’s copacetic back home.

It might not seem like a good gift, but peace of mind is worth so much. This gesture is sure to be appreciated.

  1. A Quality Pair of Compression Socks

Adventuring and exploring places can be a lot of fun, but they can also take a toll on the feet. For someone who’s always on the go, high-quality compression socks (with zippers for convenience) are the perfect gift for any occasion. Long-haul flights and walking for hours can cause leg swelling, pain, and tiredness. Wearing compression socks can help alleviate those things and aid in the feet’s recovery so your adventurer friend can go on their merry way the next day.

Gifts for a Glamorous Gal

The girly girl, the fashionista, the glamorous grand dame: treat her to pure luxury and/or a little bit of bling!

  1. ..Beer?

Edible glitter has been around for a while now, but it hasn’t made much of an impact outside the dessert world. That’s set to change, thanks to the Unicorn Frappe and the prominence of social media sites like Instagram.

Have we reached Peak Glitter with these shimmery, shiny beers? Maybe. But if you have a BFF whose part magpie, part hashtag queen, indulge her passion for all things sparkly and Snapchat-worthy.

  1. Get Crafty with Her

What that you say? Deep in your heart, you too are attracted to beads and baubles, gems and glitter? It’s OK; we promise not to tell!

However, we will encourage you to plan a girls’ night in, spent crafting a DIY glamour phone case! First, take your bestie on a shopping spree to the nearest craft store, or gather the supplies yourself. Part two of this unique gift idea is plenty of wine, so the whole squad can gossip, gab, and glue to their hearts’ content.

Get all your pals to go in on this fun, festive gift together. That way, it’s super affordable even if you don’t make Kardashian-style cash!

  1. Star Light, Star Bright

What could shine brighter than her personality? One of the most awesome gift ideas ever: having an actual star named after her. Dedicating a heavenly body to someone special has been around for a while, but it remains a fun and meaningful way to recognize your friend’s true star power!

It’s also a great way to celebrate a steadfast pal who always helps you navigate through life. She (or he) will receive a certificate and a chart to help you locate that special star.

  1. She Oughtta Be in Pictures

Have an aspiring model friend or one who’s always snapping selfies? Book her a session with a pin-up or boudoir photographer! She will need to provide the sexy, sultry outfits — and think how much fun you’ll have shopping together!

The photo session will likely include professional hair and makeup styling, some props and backgrounds, and of course a complete package of finished prints. Being a pin-up girl or lingerie model for a day is a wonderful present that will unleash her inner sex kitten!

Have We Inspired You?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed, and maybe even inspired by, this list of awesome gift ideas. It’s definitely true that some people may be harder to shop for than others — but with a bit of creativity, it’s not impossible to give them a wonderful, extraordinary gift.

Do you have any clever present suggestions that we might have missed? What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever received? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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