Here’s Why Freelance Writing Jobs are So Popular These Days

If you have a passion for writing, freelance writing jobs could be your calling in life. You can help add that magical new dimension to content writing, with plenty of freelancing jobs from home.

Writing for the Web

There are many kinds of freelance writing jobs these days. You can write for the traditional article in a magazine, writing for the web, blogs, newsletters, writing apps, story writing websites or a post in Facebook.

All of these are fair game for a capable freelance writer. There are thousands of websites on the Internet with a wide range of topics available. All this has made it easy for freelance writers to find a job these days.

Carving a Niche

The most popular ones are the article or feature writing jobs. Most writers work on a single article basis for online mediums.

You can write about things that you are an expert in or about something that you are passionate about. You can carve a personal niche for yourself or just dabble into new territories.

Many writers make enough money focused on their website writing alone. Yet, there are others who offer their writing services, as an additional job for more income. You have plenty of options for writing even for freelance with no experience.

Here are Some of the Top Reasons Why Freelance Writing Jobs Have Become Very Popular These Days

freelance writing jobs online no experience

  1. Content Marketing Investments and Web Writer Jobs

  • More and more businesses are investing in content marketing strategy using content writing for websites. As the cliché goes ‘Content is King’. This is lucky for freelance writers, as companies want to hire writers for their copy-writing or writing content.
  • Businesses are moving away from the conventional direct form of advertising and instead, offering information through entertainment. This has increased the number of websites for writers.
  • A recent survey by HubSpot reports that 71% of surveyed businesses have decided to increase the budget for their content marketing.
  • A website content writer must engage customers to your product, as opposed to point blank salesmanship. Freelance writers are perfect for the job for writing websites.
  • Freelance writers can offer information in writing sites, in a subtle, interesting and engaging format. They write for businesses and promote their brand by engaging with customers and market products or services. They help to build reputation and authority for the service
  • Companies don’t have the qualified employees who can handle the kind of content quality or quantity for their writing sites. They need help with

writing and this has opened up the doors to freelancers whose top priorities are creating engaging content for the web.

Why Freelance Writing Jobs are So Popular These Days

  • Content marketing has been one of the major trends in digital marketing for some years now. Writing website content is a modern type of storytelling and if done well, it increases the readers’ trust and credibility in your brand.
  • More writers needed to engage clients and offer them curated information.
  • It directs more customers to your landing page and persuades readers to a CTA or call to action. Using freelancers writing for websites, companies are able to improve their bottom lines and serve their customers better.
  1. Increase in Matchmaking Platforms Offering Online Writing Sites

  • How to get your first writing job? There has been an exponential growth in the number of matchmaking platforms for freelance writing jobs.
  • Many freelance writers are experts in specific fields like law, medicine, software development, and management. They put their talents to good use during their spare time to earn a lucrative income.
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  • There are plenty of online marketplaces for freelance writers, including, Contently among others. They are excellent platforms for beginning freelance writing jobs.
  • These sites play the role of a matchmaking platform, connecting freelance writers with employers or clients who offer freelance writing jobs.
  • There are also several content agencies that offer freelance writing jobs. Agencies hire freelancers to write out an assignment for their clients.

Reasons Why Freelance Writing Jobs Have Become Very Popular These Days

  1. Social Media Marketing

  • Today’s market has become infinitely rich in information and we are living in the social media era.
  • Most or all businesses have an in-house presence in the social media. They outsource jobs of creating content to freelance writers
  • On the other side of the coin, there’s a lot of viral content being shared on social media. Many freelance writers are sharing content on such platforms. Though the job of planning and scheduling a social media post is a time consuming one, it’s perfect for freelance writers.
  • Moreover, it makes it easier for customers to find a freelance writer. This makes it easy in landing your first freelance writing job.
  • Freelance writers are able to find more jobs today in this field, writing snippets as well as longer content.
  • Apart from top social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, there are many other niche options as well.
  1. Changes in Consumer Awareness

  • Consumer behavior has also changed radically.
  • They are looking to blogs and articles, online reviews and the social media, to know more about a product/service before purchasing it.
  1. Blogging Opportunities

  • Freelance writers are getting more opportunities through individual blogs or through guest blogging.
  • These writers are able to monetize their blogs.
  • Often, employers also approach them through their blog for writing jobs.
  1. Editing Services

  • Though it is not typically freelance writing, many writers are proficient in proof reading and editing functions.
  • There has been an increase of online businesses who want content to be checked and proofread before publishing.
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Over to You

Due to all these factors, there’s been an abundance of freelance writing jobs for the past few years. However, many of the jobs, such as the social media ones, are visual based.

You might also need to hone your design, image and video presenting abilities as well, along with content writing.

Aspiring writers must also try to understand how the different social media platforms function, how audiences react, comment and interact with the content and so on.

freelance writing jobs

If you are just starting out on your career as a freelance writer, I hope this post would have succeeded in giving you a rush of enthusiasm about your job.

If you are already an established freelance writer, I’d love to have you share your experiences and the different sources you get work from.

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