Five Indian Cars and Their Endurance Stories Across the Borders

In a country marked by rough terrains and inclement climatic changes, travelling across the national stretches and even beyond can be a tough task. Moreover, road trips aren’t difficult to plan, but cars carrying the passengers must be equally efficient when it comes to crossing diverse landscapes.

India is one such country which makes the existence of durable vehicles almost imperative. Apart from that, impulsive journeys to Leh and some of the less accessible cross-border regions require travellers to rely on highly durable cars.

How Companies Usually Determine Fuel Efficiency and Ultimate Endurance?

For companies launching newer set of cars, it is always important to conduct endurance and fuel efficiency tests. Tata Motors, previously, stepped up to the plate by initiating an unrelenting 18-day drive with some of its popular variants like Tiago, Bolt and Zest.

The underlining concept behind these tests was to determine the efficiency required to drive across 50,000 KMs at a maximum speed of 120 KMpH constantly. Once these vehicles completed the prescribed distance, results were published publicly, depending upon the figures and statistics.

The endurance test results are important, especially for the buyers, who prefer selecting a vehicle based on its performance across harsher terrains. While driving across the busy city is a basic requirement, every person needs a car that can travel unapologetically for hours and days while treading diverse landscapes.

Here are five iconic Indian SUVs which have cross-Border endurance stories backing their claims and performances

  1. Mahindra Bolero

Best known for its ruggedness, the Bolero from Mahindra has long been at the pinnacle of success when it comes to enlisting durable Indian cars on a budget. Since its introduction in 2000, the company has kept on upgrading the chassis while constantly adding new features for living up to the customer expectations.

Better termed as the ‘Concrete on Wheels’, Mahindra Bolero flaunts masculine exteriors and has been an ally to travellers treading across the harsh stretches like the one between Guwahati and Tawang. According to experienced travellers, some endurance stories associated with Bolero reveal that the 4×4 wheel drive version of the car can survive almost anything and the ladder frame body makes it the best bet for travelling across national and state borders.

  1. Tata Safari Storme

An absolute monster, the Safari Storme from Tata has many endurance stories to share. Storme has stormed many terrains, especially when it comes to snaking through inaccessible mountain ranges and cutting across jungles.

This car is feared, even by the roughest of terrains and is known to perform better when the climatic conditions start deteriorating.

  1. Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa

The much-anticipated 4×4 wheel drive Hexa from Tata is expected to satiate your wanderlust without looking too intimidating. One endurance story synonymous with this car reveals a lot about the Cochin-Wagah trip, spanning across 18 days, one UT and 9 states. The epic, 8,500km trip was easy on the pocket, and the travellers didn’t face any technical difficulty.

The user, however, stacked the garrison with accessories and even made minor cosmetic upgrades for enhancing the capabilities of the vehicle.

  1. Mahindra XUV500

Mahindra XUV500

Here is yet another budget monster that comes with a lot of credibilities. One such story involves a 2,000 km ride to Saurashtra. Even after the journey was completed, the wheels were perfectly aligned and required minimal rotation. Once the balancing issue was moderately addressed, the car started performing even better. The cross border, Ladakh trip also yielded similar results, further validating the overall efficiency of the XUV500.

  1. Mahindra Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio has long been a go-to vehicle for the frequent and experienced road trippers. However, it is only appropriate to share an endurance story with the readers for further validating their belief on this car. A 1700km trip to Pondicherry was smooth, and the occasional potholes and patches felt non-existent courtesy the stock Bridgestone wheels. Cruise control was a handy attribute, and the pickup on 4 lane expressways felt steady and controlled.

While we wouldn’t delve into the mileage and fuel efficiency offered by each one of the mentioned Indian cars, we would still stress upon the fact that majority of these stories felt relatable as they had travel insurances paired alongside each one of them. Endurance is one trait that a vehicle needs to show during extended trips across state and national borders and the SUVs from the existing manufacturers perfectly fit the bill.

Best Car Insurance in India for the Best Cars

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