Top 10 First Date Tips for Women: Best Dating Advice

Best First Date Advice for Women

You might have gone on several dates, but admittedly, we’d all like some dating tips for women on their first date with someone. Here’s some first date advice for all women.

Check out these dating tips for women and it’s a sure-fire guarantee for a second date and several more.

What to do on a first date? Meeting a guy for the first time sure could be awkward. More so in these days of the Internet where you meet someone through a dating site based on an algorithm match. You have no clue as to what he’s thinking. So, let’s check out some dating advice for women on their first date.

Top 10 First Date Tips for Women

Dating tips for women on their first date

  1. Have Fun/Be Yourself

  • Give yourself a pep talk before you venture on that first date. This will put you in the right, relaxed frame to be yourself.
  • Select a venue that suits your personality. If you like dancing, just head out to a fun bar.
  • One of the best first date advice for women is to stop obsessing about ‘does he like me’ ‘ Is he bored’ and so on. Just have fun.
  • Do not lie about anything, your favorite hobbies, music and so on, just to impress your date. You can always dodge or avoid answering a question if you wish.
  • Be chatty, witty, funny and social if that’s what you really are.


  1. Best Relationship Advice for Women: To Ask or Not to Ask is the Question

A Harvard University research concluded that women were more likely to go into the second date if they asked 15 questions on the first date. Turns out being nosy, is good for your relationship!

  • Half the airtime is rightfully yours, so you could ask 50% of the questions. I suggest you hog 30% of the questions and show more interest in your partner.
  • Think up topics to ask questions about beforehand if you’re a shy type.
  1. Clothes to Wear on a First Date

You’ve started panicking after rummaging your entire wardrobe and not finding anything suitable for your first date. Never mind, we’ve all been there. What to wear on your first date?

  • When considering dating tips for first date, comfort gets top priority. The more comfortable you are in your dress, the more it will show in your behavior. Your date will also respond to the positive energy in a similar fashion and things will be more relaxed.
  • First impressions do matter, so be sure to dress smart, but don’t show too much skin. Do leave something to the imagination. It will intrigue your date.
  • Again, it all depends on the venue as well. You couldn’t wear heels for a picnic or a hike.
  • Or you could just check it out on Yelp.
  • Pick one of your assets and show it off.

Tip: If you have super legs, wear a short skirt or shorts.

  1. Keep Away from Your Phone

How to have a successful first date

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How to have a successful first date? You’re probably itching to take a picture of that amazing pie to go on Instagram or Facebook. But it could have a devastating impact to keep fishing out your phone and checking out messages.

  • Give your date precedence over your messages.
  • You could probably pull out your phone a maximum of 3 times in two hours, maybe to take a selfie with him or to show pictures of your cute little niece or your pet.
  • If you absolutely have to take a call or send a message, excuse yourself politely and keep it brief.


  1. The Venue for That First Date

How to pick the ideal location for a first date?

  • Avoid the clichéd dinner, drinks and movie syndrome if you can.
  • Do something that you enjoy and where you can get to know each other better.
  • A romantic setting is fine, but it could set a serious note that you don’t want on your first date. A casual café would put less pressure on both of you.
  • Choose something affordable. You don’t want to be broke at the end of the first date!
  1. Establishing Boundaries

How to act on a first date? Don’t share too much on your first date. There are bound to be some boundaries, including physical ones. Make them clear to him. A man is sure to respect a woman who is clear and confident about herself.

  • Don’t be rigid in stating your boundaries. Say it with a smile.
  • You don’t have to rush into physical intimacy on your first date if you don’t wish to. If this is going to be a deal breaker, the guy is just not worth a second date.
  1. Learn to Say No

Honestly, learn to say no. Speak up if you don’t like something. For instance, if he orders food for you and you’re offended, you need to say so.

Tip: If you’re not comfortable with kissing on the first date, set the boundary and don’t allow him to cross it. If you only want to hold hands on the first date, stick to your wishes.

  1. Safety Tips for Women on First Date

Be safe on your first date with a stranger. This is especially true if you’re meeting him through an online dating site.

Safety Tips for Women on First Date

(Image –

  • Keep personal information private. Don’t tell him where you work, your address, your email id and so on. You can of course give him your telephone number, or how else would he contact you for the second date?
  • Meet him in some public place where there are lots of other people. For instance, hiking in the woods is not exactly a great idea for a first date. Save it for a later date.
  • Use your own transportation to and fro. Make sure you have enough money on you.
  • Inform a family member or friend about the date and where you’re going.
  1. Don’t Get Drunk

Don’t get drunk. It might prevent you from thinking straight and impair your judgment about your date. Remain clear headed to make the right choices. A drink or two should be fine, but don’t get sloppy on your first date.

  1. Common Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date by Women

Here are some of the common dating mistakes women make:

  • Don’t be late. It creates a bad impression and you don’t want to start things off on a bad note. It’s plain annoying when someone is late for a date. If something unavoidable crops up, you could always text him and apologize when you meet.
  • Don’t be irritable or rude to waiters.
  • Don’t talk about your ex boyfriends.
  • Don’t overindulge in drinks and watch your manners please. Try to look classy while you eat.

Common Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date by Women

(Image –

  • Don’t get into politics. For instance, if your date says ‘I think we’re better off with Trump as our President’, don’t react, whether you agree or disagree.

Wrap Up

These dating tips are sure to come in handy and boost your confidence on your first date. If it makes you feel better, your date is also likely to be equally nervous, so just relax. There’s not much you could actually do to mess up your first date. If he likes you, he’ll like you no matter what – whether you’ve spilt the drink or made a stupid joke!

Even if he doesn’t take you out for that second date, be happy that you gained some valuable experience and learned lessons. You just lost a few hours of your life, I guess. Do a post mortem on your behavior. Did you ask awkward questions? Was your behavior artificial? Did you act too nervous or worse still, did you eat with your mouth open? You can do some self reflection, or you could potentially chat to a life and relationship coach like Orion’s Method for some advice.”

So, that’s it for now! Go on to that first date with courage, style and a healthy dose of humor.

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