10 Important Questions to Ask In Order to Find the Best Chiropractor

Your lower back hurting again.

And your neck doesn’t feel great either.

You’re desperate for pain relief but would prefer not to take medication. You’re considering a visit to the chiropractor.

Reassuringly, you’re not the only one!

An estimated 22 million Americans are treated by chiropractors every year.

It’s clearly a popular form of treatment.

But this is your health and your body. And, with the potential for adverse effects, you want to ensure you see the best chiropractor possible.

How do you know a good chiropractor when you see one though? After all, there are lots out there.

Learning a bit about them first can help. Simply, there’s certain information that’s important to know.

Keep on reading to find out 10 questions that’ll help you find the right chiropractor for you.

Wait, What’s A Chiropractor?

Let’s refresh ourselves on what chiropractors actually do.

Basically, chiropractors believe a well-aligned musculoskeletal structure enables our bodies to heal without medication or surgery.

Consequently, they help re-align our bodies (especially spines). This involves a combination of alternative treatments, including hands-on spinal manipulation.

This is a holistic treatment approach. Meaning chiropractors also counsel you on things like a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A core aim is to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. Common issues involve back, neck pain, migraines, scoliosis and so on.

10 Questions for Finding the Best Chiropractor

Check out these questions to ask when choosing your chiropractor.

  1. “Will the Consultation Be Free?”

You’ll need to meet the chiropractor for a consultation before any treatment starts.

When you’re booking the appointment be sure to ask if it’ll be free! Some practitioners offer it as a complimentary service.

Asking upfront will let you know if you can ask the remaining questions free of charge!

This ‘no strings attached’ approach helps build trust. Essentially, the message is that you come before the money. Simply come to meet them and see if they’re right for you.

However, a consultation you have to pay for shouldn’t necessarily rule the chiropractor out.

Sure, it’d be nice to get it at no cost. But they might have been the best option for you in all other ways.

Ask first, then make up your mind.

  1. “Where and How Did You Train?”

Next, check their credentials.

You want to be sure they’re actually trained to do their job! There’s a lengthy training to become a chiropractor.

It includes 4 years of undergrad, at least 4 years in a chiropractic college program and finally a placement at a clinic.

By the end, they’ll get their license, which (by the way) should be up to date!

  1. “For How Long Have You Been Practicing?”

This one’s all about checking their level of experience.

They may have the best education in the world. But there’s no replacement experience?

The best clinicians have both.

How many years have they been qualified? How many patients have they treated? This is all important information to find out.

  1. “Can You Provide Me With References?”

It’s all well and good hearing this from the chiropractor.

But someone’s reputation is almost always learned best from the mouths of people they’ve worked with and treated in the past.

Are they respected in the field? Do they have a long history of happy clients willing to tell you how great they are?

It’s a bad sign if they’re unwilling to provide references.

  1. “Do You Have Experience Working With My Condition?”

This one’s pretty straightforward. You want to know if they’ve worked with your injury/issue before.

Check how many people with similar symptoms they’ve treated. If you’re their 100th client with sciatica you can be confident your health is in good hands.

  1. “How Would You Treat My Injury?”

Chiropractors create treatment plans for all their patients.

Ask them what yours would include. What chiropractic methods would they use?

Not all chiropractors practice in the same way. It might be that their approach wouldn’t be right for you.

Equally, knowing your plan in advance means you’ll be prepared for any appointment to come.

Check if they’re trained in multiple techniques too. Not all chiropractic problems respond to just one.

This will reassure you that they’re not treating you exactly as they would anyone else. After all, you want a plan that matches your individual needs, not a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

  1. “Will You Provide Written Recommendations?”

Ask if they can write your plan down for you.

Having a written copy will help you consider your options at home. You’ll know how long the treatment would last and have an idea of the costs.

It might also be useful in other consultations. If you want a second opinion, for example.

  1. “Are Payment Plans An Option?”

Some chiropractors offer payment plans.

Receiving treatment isn’t always cheap. This way you’d be able to spread the cost in lower installments to reduce the financial burden.

Double check that they accept insurance payments too if that’s what you’ll need!

  1. “Will You Take X-Rays?”

Chiropractors should perform a comprehensive examination of their patients.

As well as looking at your health history, this will also (ideally) involve x-rays.

Without these, they’re essentially shooting in the dark. It’s far harder to ascertain the problem.

Equally, your presenting problems might not be chiropractic. For instance, you could have underlying fractures instead.

X-rays will reveal all.

  1. “What Are Your Waiting Times for an Appointment?”

You don’t want to wait forever.

Some chiropractors schedule only by appointment. This can help them organize their day and keep wait times to a minimum.

But some offer an open schedule. Patients simply drop in when they can. Understandably, this can make wait times vary, especially in peak times of day.

It’s Your Turn to Talk!

Chiropractors are a popular form of alternative treatment for bodily pain and discomfort.

But it’s important to ask the right questions when finding the best chiropractor for you.

Otherwise, various problems could arise. You may end up receiving treatment from someone unqualified. Or from someone with no experience with your condition. Or perhaps you’ll be surprised by the expense.

It helps to have all the info at hand before treatment starts.

Hopefully these question ideas have been useful if you’re considering a trip to the chiropractor.

Were you surprised how much there is that’s worth knowing? Which of the questions above stood out to you most?

Drop a comment below!

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