All You Need to Know About Fantasy Kabaddi

The silver screen has finally started glorifying Fantasy Kabaddi, that has been a nostalgia for almost every growing youth. With Dream 11 making its successful contribution with a far-fetched dream of engaging millions in sports, Kabaddi has gained such a ground which was only hard to imagine a few years back.

The craze for the recurring seasons of Pro Kabaddi has been able to shift the focus of millions of sports lovers from cricket finally, giving the players a chance to outshine with strength and strategies and create an engaging source of entertainment for everyone glued to the game.

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However, do we really know everything about Fantasy Kabaddi? What are the facts that we SHOULD know about the game? If you are juggling with questions like this and willing to find the answers for the same, keep scrolling below and get your thirst quenched right away!

What is Dream 11?

With over 20 million sports lovers from every corner of the country, Dream 11 has rightfully earned the position of No. 1. At present, it is recognized as the largest Sports Game, which flaunts a constantly growing fandom every day.

The craze behind Dream 11 is mostly because it gives an opportunity to people to get engaged in the real time game, without being able to physically play it on the forefront. Dream 11 hosts the four most popular games being: Cricket, NBA, Football and the all-time favorite, Kabaddi.

The registered participants are required to have thorough knowledge about the game they are getting involved in and have to play strategically using their basic to advanced skills related to the game of their choice.

The participants can create their own team with the players of their choice and earn points from their respective real-time performances. Irrespective of the game, the participant or the team owner can create a team with utmost 100 credit points.

Tip: You do not have to stick to a single team throughout all your matches. Every participant has the freedom to create new teams in Fantasy Kabaddi for every new match they select to participate in.

How to Play Dream 11 Fantasy Kabaddi

How to Play Dream 11’s Fantasy Kabaddi?

Playing Fantasy Kabaddi on Dream 11 is zero hassle and complete fun. However, to make the most of the game, one must know about the skills. There are several contests (both free and skill based) from which, the players can make real quick money. This is also one of the biggest reasons, why Fantasy Kabaddi is gaining grounds on a different level altogether. So how do we play?

  • At first, the participants need to choose a match of their interest. One can either opt for an ongoing match or pick up a scheduled match of their choice, against the team they are willing to compete.
  • Next, one has to focus on team creation, which is the most important part. Strategically select members with supreme skills so that the team as a whole can have a variety for every purpose.
  • Now, look out for an ongoing contest. To begin with, you can select a free contest and proceed to skilled ones. If you win, you instantly get flooded with cash prizes worth the game.

The secret to winning the Fantasy Kabaddi is thoroughly following the real-time Kabaddi game. Check the performances of your players and keep planning your next strategies wisely. Remember, if you miss it, you lose it!

Remember: The credits or points earned in Fantasy Kabaddi is solely dependent on the player’s performance in the real-time game.

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Can We Withdraw the Cash Price Won from Dream 11’s Fantasy Kabaddi?

Yes, you can! Dream 11’s Fantasy Kabaddi gives the most flattering opportunity to the participants to instantly withdraw the cash prize won from a match.

The game is not restricted to online credits only but allows the team owners to make instant money from every match won.

What are the Most Important Skills Required?

We have been talking about the importance of skills in the game for long, but what are the skills required to play Fantasy Kabaddi? The skills which are being highly talked about are the basic strategies to make money.

Every player in every team plays with a different strategy, which can only be understood by thoroughly watching them. Some players are so versatile that they are capable of changing their moves according to the opponent.

Thus, for team handlers, it is extremely important to learn about the players and watch how they perform in different situations. You should also know which player you need to put your money on solely by understanding the potential of the opponent and estimating the team’s strategies and how they are going to turn the tables.

Warning: Do not be in a haste. Learn the corners of the match first from free contests available solely decorated for the beginners and slowly move to the skilled ones. It is better to be slow than at a loss.

Wrap Up – Fantasy Kabaddi

With the upcoming season, Fantasy Kabaddi has got everyone on their toes. The nail-biting last-minute performances and the plethora of tricks and strategies used by the players are something which can get anyone engaged. All you need to do, is put up the best bid and wait for the tables to turn!

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