Amazing Exercises You Can Do At Your Office

Desks are great for an office job. But do you know about exercises you can do at your office desk?

You are a stationary professional, but you want to stay fit? The office workout challenge is hard to beat (unless you’re using a standing table, which is great btw) seriously, sitting all day long is just not good for you.

But there’s hope. So here are some amazing desk exercises at work, to stop you from becoming an immobile lump of flesh and blood.

I’m dedicating this post entirely to all you professionals out there tied to your office tables. Exercise while sitting at computer. Get into an office workout routine, even while completing that never-ending PowerPoint presentation.  Check it out and let me know when (not if) it works.

Exercises You Can Do At Your Office

Amazing Exercises You Can Do At Your Office

  1. Shoulders and Neck Exercises

According to the Orthopedic Surgeons of the American Academy, computer users typically hit their keyboards about 200,000 times in a day. The repetitive movement can cause:

  • Wrong posture
  • Headache
  • Pain in joints and lower back

Exercises to do in Office Chair:

  • Sit straight on the chair; raise arms straight above.
  • Move the arms back beyond the head and front, taking care to keep the body and head stationary.
  • Repeat the exercise ten times.
  • Next, keep your back straight.
  • Roll the shoulders forward, then up, then back and finally down, making a circular movement.
  • Repeat ten times and then repeat ten times in the reverse direction
  1. Sitting Actively

Along with the above stretches, you could also try what is known as active sitting. Yeah, kind of an oxymoron. How to exercise while sitting? I hear you. Yet you can exercise while sitting at work. Here’s an example:

  • Lean back on the chair from time to time.
  • Swivel the chair seat from one side to another.
  • Stand up from time to time, at least once an hour.
  • Use Balance fit chairs. It will keep you fit even when you are stationary. It helps with back pains and fixes posture.
  1. Desk Push Ups

Do you want desk exercises for abs? Here’s one for you:

  • Stand one yard away from the table.
  • Keep the feet together.
  • Place the palms on the table edge, about a shoulder width away from each other.
  • Lower the chest towards the table edge and then push back again.
  • Exhale while pushing up.
  • Repeat twenty times.

It offers all the desk pushup benefits, just like the traditional pushup exercises.

  1. Magic Carpet Exercises

  • Sit on your office chair with crossed legs, so that feet are beneath the ankles.
  • Place the hands on the armrest of the chair.
  • Engage the core of your body.
  • Lift your body so that it rises a few inches above and away from the chair.
  • Hold the position for about twenty seconds.
  • Repeat five times.
  1. Knee Exercises

You can perform these sneaky knee exercises right in your chair and no will be the wiser for it.

  • Roll back the chair and straighten the knees to relieve knee pain.
  • Roll the chair back, and lift the legs. It strengthens the front thigh muscles and eases knee pain.
  • An improvisation is to add extra weights for additional strength.
  • You don’t have additional weights with you? Use your bag or even put some objects inside it.
  • Increase the weights at a gradual pace.
  • Sit on the chair; pull the heels back by lifting the toes. Hold the position for ten seconds. Helps strengthen the hamstrings and relieves knee pain.
  1. Treadmill Desk Exercises

  • It’s way better than a standing table. Upgrade to one, so that you can be active throughout the day or whenever you need to. Work up a sweat with your colleagues on a treadmill table. It’s a great way to exercise right from your worktable.
  • Walk the Talk. Or rather, walk while you talk. Walk around while having a phone conversation. It’s one of the best office exercises to lose weight.
  1. Desk Exercise Equipment

Squeeze your gym workout into your working hours by using the best office workout equipment. You can fit in these exercises in your coffer break or even while attending that boring call. Treadmill workstations are out, so don’t you worry.

  • Hand held gyroscopes. Keep spinning it for a few minutes a day. It takes up little space, offers high intensity.
  • Mini exercise bikes or Elliptical trainers are under desk exercise steppers available for below $100. Offers great workout for legs, as a kind of under desk leg exerciser. It fits right under the office chair. Pedal away quietly even while working.
  • Use an Exercise Ball. Of course, you need to get your boss’ permission. Sit on an exercise ball and ditch your usual office chair. You’ll probably end up looking goofy. You might even raise some eyebrows at the office.
  1. Yoga at your Desk

Here is some top office stretching exercises, like Cat and Cow stretches. These are yoga exercises you can do from your workstation:

  • Spinal stretches for relieving back tension.
  • Cat and Cow stretches.
  • Forward bends.
  • Eagle Arms.
  • Standing Pigeon.
  • Chest opener poses.
  • Threading the needle.
  • Stretching Fingers and Wrist.

You can fit in the above workouts and no one even needs to know. They are subtle and I promise (almost) you won’t get strange looks from co workers.  But the upside is that you’ll be the envy of all. Get that elusive six-pack and all those admiring looks.


To Sum Up

Prolonged sitting could just turn you into a couch potato or a ‘mouse potato’ as the saying goes these days.

Try to fit in at least thirty minutes of exercise every day. Boost your metabolism and burn fat even when you are stuck behind a monitor.

Do you know any other office workouts that you could do unobserved from your office chair?

Do share and Happy deskercising!!!

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