Exclusions of Third Party Car Insurance Policy

When you look to buy a motor insurance plan, there are two types to choose from – comprehensive or third party insurance.

A third-party cover is a basic cover and it is compulsory for every vehicle owner to have it.

Take a look at this article to know all about such a cover and also to understand what its exclusions are.

Understanding a Third Party Car Insurance Cover

A third party car insurance cover is a very handy form of insurance. You get plenty of benefits at a very low price. The main benefits of this type of car insurance are:

  1. Covers third-party costs: If you get involved in an accident and you end up damaging a third party property, the insurance provider will compensate the third party on your behalf. This is very useful as without a plan in place, you have to pay the amount out of your own pocket.
  2. Covers third-party bodily damage: If a third party is injured in an accident involving your car, the insurance provider will pay compensation to the third party on your behalf. This is again an extremely beneficial feature as medical expenses are high and you can lose all your savings paying the third party’s hospital bills!
  3. Pays your legal bills: Often, third-party disputes end up in court. At such a time, your third-party plan steps into action and clears your legal bills. This allows you to afford the best lawyers and fight the case properly.

These are the main features of a third party car insurance cover. Choose your plan wisely and stay protected at all times.

Exclusions of Third Party Car Insurance

Now that we know about the basic features of a third party insurance plan, let us glance over its main exclusions:

  • No cover for your own vehicle: As the name suggests, this cover is available only for the third party. You cannot make a claim for any damages to your own vehicle. Whether the vehicle is damaged or it is stolen, the car insurance policy won’t cover the damages. For a cover for your own car, you need a comprehensive insurance plan.
  • No cover for damages caused by nuclear weapons: If the damage to a third party is caused by the usage of a nuclear weapon, no compensation will be paid out by the insurance provider. This is a permanent third party exclusion that you must be aware of.
  • No cover for damages due to war: Similarly, if the third party damage or injury is caused by a war or events related to it, your insurance provider will not honor any claim under the car insurance cover.

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How to Choose the Right Cover

It is very evident that a third party car insurance plan won’t cover your own damages. You, therefore, need to choose your ideal plan, whether it’s a third party or a comprehensive plan, very carefully. While choosing the right type of cover, keep the following points in mind:

  • Price – A third party plan is cheaper.
  • Coverage – A comprehensive plan offers wider coverage.
  • Your requirement – Your plan will depend on your budget, and also on the type of vehicle you have. If your car is new and fancy, you will surely need a comprehensive plan. If it is older, a third party plan may suffice.


Keep the features as well as the exclusions of third-party insurance in mind when you look to buy the ideal policy for your car. Once you know what you need, you will surely be able to choose the right plan and cover your vehicle suitably.

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