The Most Essential Tools Every DIY Homeowner Should Have

Must Have Essential Tools For Every DIY Homeowner

You’ve bought your first home, and you’re planning on doing all of the DIY projects you’ve read about. But first, you need the right tools.

Having the essential tools in your possession means you won’t be slowed down or struggle while working on your project. We’re going to give you the common tools everyone should have when working around the house.

  1. Drill and Drill Bits

A quality battery powered drill and driver are going to be useful for a large number of tasks all over your home. Be sure to buy a set of drill bits that have a wide selection.

You’ll want to look for Phillips head, slotted, square drive. Each of these types will have a variety of sizes.

  1. Adjustable Crescent Wrench

You could buy a complete set of wrenches, but you probably won’t need to. You will be able to get by with two or three adjustable ones.

Adjustable wrenches have a jaw that can be moved to make the space for the nuts and bolts bigger and smaller. Buying two or three in generalized sizes of medium and large will cover most needs you may have.

You could also purchase a self-adjusting or self-ratcheting wrench. These wrenches don’t require you to remove them from the bolt to tighten it.

  1. Hammer

There are two hammers on the list of essential tools for home repairs. You’ll need a heavy and light hammer.

The size of your hammer should correspond to the size of the nail. For larger projects outside like construction, you’ll most likely use the claw hammer or the bigger hammer.

The bigger hammer is called a claw hammer because there is a claw-like side of the hammer. This is used to remove nails from the walls.

The lightweight smaller hammer is called a pin hammer. This is because it is intended to be used on tacks, panel pins, or hanging pictures.

  1. Extension Cord

You will use an extension cord for everything from home improvement to parties. During the holidays you’ll need one for the lights on your home.

If you are working on a project that is far from a live plug, you’ll need an extension cord to power your tools.

Look for an extension cord that is durable, since it will be put through a beating. While you’re buying the cord, get a holder for it too, so it doesn’t become a mess while in storage.

  1. Power Washer

You may not use it for everyday tasks, but a power washer will be vital for cleaning the exterior of your home. A pressure washer will clean the dirt, mold, stains, and grime.

You’ll want to do your research to find an affordable washer that also has the features you need. Look for a pressure washer that has adjustable pressure so you can use it on all of the surfaces of your home.

  1. Hacksaw

You will have a utility knife for small cutting jobs; you need a big cutting tool for the bigger stuff. A hacksaw is perfect because it’s a general purpose saw.

You can cut through plastic, tubing, conduit, rods, bolts, brackets, wood, and metal pipes. This means you can use this saw on everything from the tree in your yard to your next plumbing project.

Even better, most hacksaws are very affordable at just twenty dollars or less. Keep some spare blades around in case you break one mid-project.

  1. Hardware

The last thing you want to do mid-project is stop and run to the store for a screw. Keep a selection of nails and screws in a compartmented box.

Get a variety of fasteners like screws, nails, tacks, nuts, and bolts. Remember that there are different types of screws and nails for the material they will be used on.

  1. Tape Measure

Get a retractable and lockable tape measure. This is one of those tools you’ll use way more often than you’d expect.

Get one that is at least 25 feet so you can measure a large room. This will come in handy for measuring rugs, furniture, blinds, or hanging art on your walls.

  1. Utility Knife

Utility knives are great to have around for opening or breaking down boxes. You will need it for removing or scoring old caulk.

  1. Step Stool

Don’t rely on standing on a chair, they are not designed to be stood on, and it’s unsafe. A sturdy step stool will give you the extra height you need while changing light bulbs or hanging pictures.

  1. Screwdriver

Even if you sprung for the drill, get a set of screwdrivers also. You will need to get both Phillips and slotted to start with.

A manual screwdriver is a perfect tool for smaller projects such as changing a switch plate or tightening a cabinet knob. Look for a set that will give you a variety of sizes.

  1. Plunger

This is an obvious tool, but you’ll be happy you bought one when your toilet clogs. You don’t have to go fancy, just focus on functionality with this tool.

  1. Pliers

Pliers are toolbox essentials for getting a good grip on something. There are small needle nose varieties for getting into tight spaces.

Then there are large locking ones that are perfect for tightening pipes and vales. Finally, you’ll find electrician’s pliers will strip and cut wires.

  1. Set of Hex or Allen Keys

If you buy anything from Ikea, you’ll know how important a set of Allen keys are. You’ll also find them useful when working on your car or bicycle.

You’ll want to buy a set where you’ll have a variety of sizes. You can find a swiss army style one for less than ten dollars.

Get a Box of Your Essential Tools

The most important thing you can get for all these tools is a container to hold them all. This could be a toolbox, but most likely you’ll want to buy a tool chest to organize them.

Separate out your tools so that they make the most sense to you and are readily available. This may mean putting all of your hardware together, hammers and screwdrivers together, and drill and drill bits together.

Now that you have your essential tools, check out these five inexpensive ways to improve your home.

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