Try These Essential Self-Care Strategies for a Healthy 2019

Most people may not practice self-care because they think they don’t have time for it.

But it really doesn’t have to; it can be something simple that only takes five minutes.

Your health and wellbeing starts with you. Follow these essential self-care strategies to ensure a happy and healthy 2019.

Have Better Phone Habits

We may not realize it, but our phone can affect our mental health. When we’re constantly connected to everyone and keeping up on everything, we’re not giving our brains time to rest and slow down.

Whether it’s constantly checking notifications or being available to everyone, it can make us feel overworked and drained.

Limiting the amount of time you spend on your phone and turning off unnecessary notifications can be a great place to start.

Go Outside

If you’re just going from work to home or to run errands, going outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine can help you feel rejuvenated.

It’s important to take time for yourself to get the most out of your self-care, and just taking a walk outside without your phone can help you feel refreshed and calm.

Exercise is also one of the best self-care strategies because it produces endorphins and makes you feel healthier, and it’s even better if you can do it outside.

Keep a Journal

Sometimes it can be harmful to keep all our negative thoughts and feelings inside us.

Writing a journal when you are feeling stressed or sad can be a good way to make sure your emotions don’t start bottling up. Try it and see how you feel once it’s all down on paper.

You could even try writing your feelings and thoughts down on a paper, tearing it up when you’re done, and throwing it away. This can be a good cleanse of your mind.

Spend Time With Your Pets

When we’re so busy, we can sometimes forget to spend time with our beloved cats and dogs.

However, we are their whole world, and they would be more than happy to spend time with us and cheer us up.

Say No to Things

We live in a society where we don’t want to miss out on anything, and that can prompt us to over commit. When we do this, we rarely have time for ourselves.

Some people recommend setting aside two days a month to dedicate just to yourself.

In order to do this, you may need to say no to some plans or favors that people ask of you, but you can do it. It won’t be the end of the world.

Treat Yourself

You work hard, and life can be difficult. Book that massage. Buy the bath bomb and those chocolates for a relaxing evening. Buy that plane ticket for a relaxing vacation.

Reach Out For Help

If none of your normal self-care strategies or new ones work, you may want to reach out to friends or find a center for help.

Sometimes hanging out with friends and having a good laugh can be a form of self-care, but you should also reach out to them if you feel like you can’t handle it on your own.

Incorporate These Self-Care Strategies

Having good self-care strategies will make your life feel easier and improve your emotional and physical wellbeing.

You should also focus on taking care of your mental health.

Check out this article on seven things you can do each day to feel better mentally.

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