Top 10 Ways to Create a Kid Friendly Living Room That Adults Love Too

Is your living room turning into a combat zone? Are your kids ruining your favorite pieces of furniture? Living with kids can be hard, and your walls and furniture are usually hit the hardest.

If you’re looking for ways to create a kid friendly living room, this article is for you. If you’re tired of scrubbing marker murals off the wall and giving timeouts that seem to last for days, read on.

We’ll help you with family room design ideas that will help you with organizing toys in the living room. Our tips will help you transform your living room into a kid and adult friendly zone where everyone is happy.

  1. Hide Your Valuables

Kids love to touch things, and your prized possessions are no exception. Little children don’t always understand the concept of “not mine.” The best response is to store precious items out of their reach.

If you can, move anything breakable out of your living room. Make sure your cabinets are secured to the wall and try to maintain a “no eating” rule for your living room.

  1. Install a Rough-and-Ready Floor

Before you had kids, you probably dreamed of a perfect living room. After kids, you just want somewhere to sit that’s relatively clean. Your living room floor is going to see a lot of wear and tear, so you might want to install a tile floor.

The good thing about a tile floor is that it’s easy to clean. If you really want carpets, try to invest in darker ones that don’t show dirt. Even young children can pitch in and vacuum or sweep.

  1. Create Storage Areas

You can make your own storage areas in a closet, under a table, or in the corner of your living room. Just get some plastic or fabric storage bins and have your kids pile in their toys at the end of the day.

By organizing toys in the living room, you’ll be able to enjoy adults only time after the kids have gone to bed. So much of parenting is simply managing the chaos.

  1. Make a Kids-Only Zone

Does your child like to read? Or are they more of a climber? You might want to give them their own corner of the living room to decorate.

If they love to read, put in a kid-sized sofa or small tent. If they’re more of a climber, they might like a playmat where they can roll around and play. Every kid has their own favorite activity, and it’s nice for them to have their own space.

  1. Cover Your Furniture

Save your couches from fruit punch by putting covers on them. It’s easy to get fitted couch and chair covers, and you can pull them off to wash them.

If you already have light-colored furniture, it might be a good idea to waterproof the fabric. You don’t always have to buy dark-colored furniture, but you do have to take steps to protect your chairs and sofas.

  1. Repaint and Redesign

Is it time to give your entire living room an overhaul? This collection of corner sofa beds might give you some inspiration. Having a large sofa is great if you have more than one kid. They can play on it and take naps in style.

Thinking of repainting? You could paint one part of your wall with chalkboard paint or with dry-erase paint. Just put a frame around it so they don’t draw on your walls.

  1. Update Your Carpets

Instead of getting full-coverage carpets, consider going for area rugs. They’re easier to clean and you can change them according to the season. Being able to update your living room every few months is a real mood booster.

The best family room design ideas will depend on your family. If your children really like a certain color, you can get a small rug and put it in their dedicated play area.

  1. Put In Some Greenery

It’s never too early to teach your kids to appreciate the great outdoors. You can get a few houseplants or flowering plants and keep them in your living room. Just make sure they’re pet-friendly.

If houseplants aren’t your thing, consider seasonal wreaths as a decorating option. They’re easy to store and look great as a colorful accent.

  1. Get Rid of Your Curtains

Let’s face it: if you have kids, they’ve probably played in your curtains. Although they’re having fun, you’re the one who has to put the curtains back up after they’re done.

An easier option is to find blinds that work well with your living room colors. Just make sure the cord is out of reach of toddlers and young children.

  1. Find a Happy Medium

Overall, finding kid friendly living room furniture and decorations is just trial and error. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t work as you start to redecorate.

If your kids are old enough to talk, ask them what they want to see in the living room. They might surprise you!

More Tips for a Kid Friendly Living Room

If you’re totally stressed about your living room, it’s time to take a deep breath and figure out what would work better. Creating a kid friendly living room can be fun!

Take a walk, pet the dog, and write down your ideas for your family room. You may be able to make drastic changes without spending a lot of money.

If your living room stays messy all the time, it’s okay to bribe your family into cleaning. Tell them that if they clean the entire living room, they can build a blanket fort and leave it up for as long as they want.

Living with kids can be stressful, but it’s worth it to find ways to organize and simplify your living space. Sometimes, all it takes is giving them their own zone where they can sit and focus on reading or play.

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