A Crash Course In Window Cleaning

If you have been struggling to get your windows all the way clean, then you need to make some changes. Proper window cleaning just requires the right materials and some dedicated time.

With practice, you will find that you are able to get a streak-free shine every time. Keep reading to learn the proper technique for cleaning all types of windows. With a few housekeeping tips, your panes will not have any smudges or fingerprints.

Remove Stubborn Stains – Window Cleaning Tips

The outside of your windows is especially prone to stubborn stains. Year round they are exposed to water runoff that is full of minerals like calcium. They also are often hit with bird droppings and mud if they are close to the ground.

To remove this kind of dirt and grime, you can try using a mineral deposit remover as a cleaner. An example of this kind of product is CLR.

You should dampen a sponge with whatever cleaner you choose and rub the difficult stains on your window. Then rinse the area you cleaned with water and proceed with cleaning the rest of the window.

If that doesn’t work, or you just want to try a more natural method, you can use pure vinegar to remove stains. Just apply the vinegar and allow it to sit on the window pane for at least five minutes. Then, take a sponge or cloth and remove the stain before you continue cleaning the rest of the window.

Another method for removing stubborn stains is to use something that contains oxalic acid such as Bar Keeper’s Friend. Make a paste out of the powder with water and apply it to the stains with a clean cloth. Then give it a good rub. Rinse the paste from the window and continue with cleaning.

If you have tried all of these methods and you find that the window is still dirty, you can remove crusty or gritty stains by using a razor to gently scrape them off.

Remove Any Stickers and Decals Before Window Cleaning

If you have children who like to put stickers on your windows or you have put decals on your windows, you may have a difficult time removing them. However, the process is really not that difficult.

All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with water and find a plastic scraper that has a sharp edge. Spray the stickers thoroughly with water and then let it sit for a couple minutes. When you come back, hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle to the window and gently apply pressure.

It is recommended to start at the bottom of the sticker and work your way upwards. This way it is easier to get underneath the sticker. When you are finished, use a towel to wipe away any residue.

Clean the Window Screens

In order for your windows to stay clean for a long time, you should clean your screens every time you clean your windows. This should be done about two times a year.

Simply remove the screens and then vacuum up any dust in the window frame. Next, use a hose or spray bottle to spray down the screen. You will want to use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe them down with a mixture of dish soap or vinegar and warm water.

Finally, set the screens up so that they can dry. Allow them to dry fully before you replace them in your window frame.

Rinse Away Caked on Dirt and Grime

The outside of your windows is exposed to a lot of materials. If you haven’t cleaned them in awhile, you should use your garden hose to spray them down before you start cleaning.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a hose on the side of your house, you can use a lint-free cloth and some water to wipe away the dirt. Some people also choose to use a pressure washer on a low setting.

Preparing for Window Cleaning

Before you get started with the water, you should vacuum the inside and outside of your window frames. Be sure that you get into all the corners. This will help you from spreading dirt while you are cleaning. It can be helpful to lay a towel in front of the window frame to catch any potential spills.

Next, you will need to gather the following supplies:

  • Sponge or Brush
  • Squeegee
  • Absorbent Microfiber Cloth
  • Clean Rag
  • Bucket with Cleaning Solution
  • Large Towel

There are a few different cleaning solutions that you can use for window cleaning. Most experts recommend a basic water and dish soap mixture for general window cleaning.

Try mixing two gallons of water with one teaspoon of dish soap. Another option is to use equal parts of water and white vinegar. The final option is to try a quarter cup of isopropyl alcohol and vinegar with one tablespoon of cornstarch to prevent streaks. Mix that solution with two cups of warm water.

General Window Cleaning

Now that you have gathered your supplies, you can use a sponge to apply your cleaning solution to the windows. Make sure you wring out the excess water and wipe down the entire window, not missing the corners.

Once you have cleaned the window, you should squeegee the solution off starting from the top of the window. Make sure that the rubber blade stays in contact with the window the entire time. The best way to ensure your windows end up free of streaks is to make sure the rubber blade on your squeegee is sharp.

Next, use a cloth to keep the squeegee dry for the best results. Make sure that the window is completely dry before you move onto the next one.

More Home Improvement

Keeping your home in tip-top shape takes a lot of care and attention. It can be difficult to find the best way to do things. Don’t waste your time struggling. Read more tips and tricks for home improvement today.

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