Cool Kitchen Appliances: 14 Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed

Most of us use kitchen appliances on a daily basis without much thought. It’s a toaster oven or fridge… there’s nothing too earth-shattering about that.

But when those gadgets are cool kitchen appliances, that’s when we stand up and take notice. And you may not realize just how many of them are out there.

Whether it be unique appliances that take us back to our childhood or gadgets that make cooking fun and special again, there’s a cool appliance out there for you.

Let’s look at 14 of these cool kitchen appliances you didn’t know you needed until now.

  1. Counter-Top Mini Donut Factory

The only thing better than a donut is a mini donut. And this cool kitchen appliance will let you have a fun production line of the bite-size treats right on your counter-top!

Donuts can be difficult to make. But all you have to do with this is add the ingredients, the factory does the rest! Popping out 30 mini donuts per batch.

  1. Waffle Bowl Maker

This handy little appliance will make you waffles, not in the usual waffle pattern, but in the form of a bowl. And with that, the snack possibilities are endless.

Fill them with your favorite breakfast food. Or add ice cream, fruit, and whipped cream for dessert.

Whatever you make, you’ll have a fun, hand-held treat… and no dishes to clean up afterward.

  1. Mini Pretzel Maker

You no longer have to go to the fair or amusement park to find this treat. Warm, soft pretzels are yours to have, and the bonus – they’re mini.

Drop in some dough, close the lid, and you’ll soon have a savory snack for the whole family.

  1. Stencil Toaster

Why use words when you can send a message on toast!

A stencil toaster comes with stencil plates that bake a fun picture or silly message onto the side of your toast.

Say good morning with a smiley face. Tell your partner how you feel with an “I luv u” message. Or say happy birthday with a picture of a cake!

This is one of those cool kitchen appliances you can get creative with.

  1. Coca-Cola Slushy Machine

Coca-Cola lovers will dig this retro slushy machine.

It uses ice and salt to freeze your favorite sugar-based beverages, turning them into a refreshing slushy. It makes up to 32-oz and has an easy pour spout for a fresh from the soda fountain feel!

  1. Dishwasher Drawer

Small households can now stop wasting all that water to use their large dishwasher. Or spend forever waiting for a full load to make it worth turning on.

Dishwasher draws now allow you to wash small loads of dishes, using less water and energy. Plus, they are easy to load and unload for those that find it difficult to bend over a traditional machine.

  1. Drain Strainer

No matter how much you try to avoid it, food always seems to end up going down your kitchen sink. And over time, the build-up causes your plumbing to clog, stink, and even malfunction.

But installing a drain strainer can make that problem go away. The strainer captures the food particles before it makes it into your plumbing.

  1. S’Mores Maker

Please your s’mores craving anytime with this counter-top machine. The center-based heating unit easily roasts your marshmallows, without the risk of an open flame. It also comes with a built-in surround ingredient station to store all your s’mores goodies.

You’re able to use this cool kitchen appliance both indoors or out, making sure anytime is the right time for a s’more.

  1. 3-N-1 Breakfast Machine

Save time and the need to dirty up a bunch of dishes in the morning! This 3-N-1 Breakfast machine does it all.

Brew up a pot of coffee while cooking some eggs and bacon on the attached griddle. Then pop some toast in the toaster oven to brown.

This convenient one to shop will make getting out the door in the mornings a breeze.

  1. Vision Toaster

One of the biggest headaches about making toast is your inability to see how brown it’s getting. A few seconds too long can turn your golden-brown toast to black.

But the vision toaster has see-through sides to allow you to watch your toast as it’s baking. Ensuring you get the perfect crunch every single time.

  1. Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

There’s nothing like the taste of soft serve ice cream. But when you want to have the frozen treat at home, your only option is ice cream in a tub.

Until now.

This soft serve ice cream machine blends up to 1 1/2 quarts of ice cream. And it lets you pour from its soft serve dispenser. With compartments for your cones and toppings, there’s no need to run out for ice cream again.

  1. Personal Pie Maker

Whether you simply don’t want a whole pie to yourself, or the family can’t agree on what kind they want, this machine has you covered.

A personal pie maker can make up to four individual pies in no time. And directly from your counter-top. Plus, the machine is portable, meaning you can have pie anywhere anytime.

  1. Keg Fridge

The party’s at your house when you own a keg fridge. This is one of those awesome kitchen appliances that let you store a keg inside and dispenses it through a tap in the door.

Who needs a refrigerator with water and ice in the door when you can pour a fresh pint for you and your friends?

  1. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Here’s another great appliance that will make your mornings run smoothly.

This all-in-one gadget cooks every item of your sandwich all at the same time. Toast up your muffin while cooking your egg and heating up the ham and cheese, all in their own compartment.

And once it’s done, it even puts it all together for you. Now, if only everything in life was so handy.

Cool Kitchen Appliances Will Make the Kitchen Your Favorite Room of the House

Treat yourself and your family to some of these cool kitchen appliances. They will bring your kitchen coolness factor up to a whole new level.

And when you want to put those appliances to good use, check out these tips on how to feed a large family on a small budget!

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