6 Style Tips to Use for Your Next Job Interview

Your resume is golden. You’ve researched the company. You’re as prepared as you can be for your upcoming job interview.

The only question now is: What will you wear?

This is no time for your average fashion and beauty advice. And while the modern workplace is more diverse than ever, your job interview isn’t the place to showcase the latest fashion trends.

If you’re wondering what to wear to a job interview, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll outline six style tips for interview outfits that are sure to land you your dream gig.

Tips for Choose the Best Interview Outfits

  1. Do Your Research

Hopefully, you’ve already done some research on the company you’re interviewing with. But if you haven’t already, now’s the time to research their dress code.

Check out the company’s website or social media pages. What are their employees wearing in the photos and videos? Use this insight to get a feel for the company’s “vibe” and consider your interview outfits accordingly.

Of course, even if everyone in the videos is wearing jeans and T-shirt, you don’t want to show up at your interview dressed like you’re lounging on your couch. You need to understand the company’s specific dress code, which brings us to our next point.

  1. What’s the Dress Code?

Most companies outline a dress code that falls into one of three categories: business professional, business casual, or casual. Here’s our list of suggested attire to wear to the interview based on the company’s dress code.

  • Business professional: Suit, tie, and dress shoes for men, skirt or pants suit with heels for women.
  • Business casual: Dress shirt or polo with slacks/chinos for men, blouse/skirt, dress pants, or a conservative dress for women.
  • Casual: Dress shirt and khakis for men, collared shirt with pants or a pencil skirt for women.

If in doubt, it’s better to be dressed up rather than dressed down. Consider dressing one level up from what employees wear on a daily basis. If you’re underdressed for the occasion, the only impression you’ll make on the interviewer is a negative one.

Even if the company has a casual dress code, don’t show up to the interview in flip-flops. Wait until you actually have the job before you dress for comfort.

  1. Keep It Simple

You want the interviewer to notice your dazzling personality–not your neon green shirt.

To avoid distractions, take it easy on the makeup, jewelry, and hairstyle. This isn’t the place to showcase that funky necklace you got in Mexico or your new aquamarine eyeshadow.

A wedding ring is perfectly acceptable but avoid wearing too much other jewelry–especially if it looks old or cheap. Keep your accessories small, simple, and classy.

When it comes to your clothes, avoid very bright colors or loud patterns that could detract from your answers. Ensure your clothes aren’t too tight (that goes for men too) and that you’re not revealing too much skin.

Another often overlooked factor? While you certainly want to be clean and fresh for your interview, you don’t want to overpower the interviewer with the scent of your perfume or cologne.

If you choose to wear a fragrance, less is more. You want to be noticed and remembered for your skills–not your scent.

  1. Pay Attention to Details

Your interviewer is trained to notice details–so you should, too.

Even if you have a brand-new suit, scuffed shoes or dirty fingernails can and will detract from your image. If any part of your attire is wrinkled, ripped, stained, or poorly fitting, you’d better believe the interviewer will spot it.

Make sure your hair is neatly combed and presentable. Don’t overuse hair or skin products, or you could end up looking greasy.

Brush and floss your teeth to ensure your smile isn’t marred by a piece of spinach from your breakfast omelet. Polish your shoes and get a manicure so your hands appear neat and clean.

Another tip for job interview attire? It also extends to your briefcase, purse, and notepad. Make sure any accessories you bring look as polished and presentable as you do.

  1. Consider Your Colors

Even if you’re interviewing with the trendiest startup in your city, your interview clothes should still be tasteful and modest.

Navy, gray, white, and black are always safe bets when it comes to colors. A white dress shirt goes with any color suit. If your suit is gray or navy, choose a lighter shade of the same color for your dress shirt.

You might be tempted to wear a bright, flashy tie, but don’t do it. Stick to a solid color or a muted tie featuring stripes or dots. The same goes for your socks–they should blend in, not stand out!

Women may have a little more leeway than men when it comes to color selection. But again, it’s best to err on the side of conservative instead of flamboyant. Your leopard-print dress may be great for a cocktail party, but it’s not the best choice for interview outfits.

  1. Hold a Dress Rehearsal

It may sound silly, but this is one of the best ways to ensure you’re ready to go on interview day.

A few nights before the interview, try on everything you plan to wear. This is especially important if it’s a suit or skirt that you haven’t worn in a while.

Does it still fit you well? Could it benefit from a visit to the dry cleaners? Are there any missing buttons or other minor details that need to be fixed before the interview?

After the dress rehearsal, you may decide if you need a new outfit for your interview.

Job Interview Outfits and More

So, are you ready to comb through your closet and put together your best possible interview outfits?

If you do, you’ll dazzle your interviewer and boost your chances of landing the job.

Looking for more helpful job-related advice? Check out our latest career posts for everything you need to succeed.

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