10 Reasons To Call An Accident Attorney After A Car Crash

The National Safety Council reports that motor vehicle accidents are the 2nd major cause of unintentional injury and deaths in America.

These accidents normally occur due to vehicle faults, driving while intoxicated, bad weather, or poor driving.

Nobody wakes up imagining they’ll lose a family member in a car accident. But if you’re hurt in a car accident, seeking medical attention is definitely your first priority. And then you need to speak to a car accident lawyer.

But as with medical treatment, most people never contact a car accident lawyer until it is necessary. The issue is that most of us are unaware if we really need one after a car crash.

  • What does an auto accident lawyer actually do?
  • How can hiring a car accident lawyer help you if you’ve been hurt in a car crash?

Well, there are many things an accident attorney can do you for. Read on to learn more.

10 Ways an Accident Attorney Can Help

Hiring an auto accident attorney can be very helpful to your personal injury claim. Here are ways in which an auto accident lawyer can help with your case.

Negotiating with the Insurer

Negotiating with insurance providers can be extremely difficult for the layman. While most people are rarely involved in car accidents, insurance firms receive claims daily and settle them on that premise.

They will try their best to put you off and will apply their experience to intimidate you so you can accept less compensation than you’re actually entitled to.

However, having a reputable, experienced attorney in your corner will ensure you’re not bullied into accepting less damages than you deserve.

Getting Your Rightful Compensation

If a car accident causes you serious injuries, getting strong legal representation will ensure that you’re adequately compensated now and, in the future, to cover the costs related to your treatment for injuries.

Some types of injuries take time to manifest after an accident happens but may have long-term consequences on your health and well-being.

This can mean the settlement is finalized before you even feel certain symptoms. This might make you lose out on damages for symptoms or injuries that occur later.

Moreover, there may be a limited time-frame for filing a car accident lawsuit. Engaging an attorney in the initial stages of your case will help you duly and adequately file the claims you want to pursue.

Statute of Limitations

Many states in America have a two-year statute of limitations. This means you must file your personal injury claim within two years–otherwise, you lose your right to litigate forever.

Proving Liability May be Difficult

Proving liability may be harder than you think. While the witness and police reports may lay blame on the defendant, it can be difficult to prove that the defendant was negligent enough to cause the accident.

There are many complex factors that come into play before you can win a personal injury case.

It’s best to hire an experienced attorney whose specialty is personal injury cases. He or she can provide citations and references to cases that back your case.

Laws Vary with States

Car accident and car insurance rules are determined by each specific jurisdiction. For instance, there are many ‘no-fault’ states where you can’t sue after a car crash except under unique circumstances.

In some states, you can’t sue if you were partly at fault for the crash but in others you may sue. A lawyer can help to break down all the nuances of the law to you, so you can understand all your legal rights.

Filing a Lawsuit is Complicated

If you opt to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to file the right papers in court. There are many complex rules which you must adhere to when bringing a lawsuit. These rules exist on everything, including the brief’s font size, what evidence can be admitted, and how to cite legal precedent.

You’ll need an experienced attorney to steer you through the complex process of filing a suit.

You Don’t Understand Settlement Options

Most cases are settled out of the courtroom, which means you’re likely to receive an offer from the defendant or their insurance company.

Your lawyer can help you understand the consequences of accepting the offer because, once you accept, your right to sue is gone forever. He or she will also help you decide whether or not settling is the right choice in your case.

You Could Suffer Financial Loss

If you don’t file a lawsuit in time, don’t sue the right defendant, don’t seek the right compensation, or lose your case by not presenting your information properly, you’ll lose your right to take legal action forever.

This means you’ll have lost your only shot at recovery and you’ll be saddled with all the bills and costs resulting from the accident that another person carelessly caused.

You Aren’t Fully Aware of Your Potential Compensation

There are lots of possible damages available to anyone who’s injured in a car crash. Apart from medical bills, you can be able to recover lost wages from work, damages for emotional distress as well as pain and suffering.

Your loved ones can even be entitled to compensation for losing your companionship if you’re incapacitated. If you don’t engage the services of a lawyer, you may not understand all your potential rights to recovery.

Taking Your Case to Court

In case your settlement negotiations break down, you’ll have to proceed to court.

Going to court can end up being a time-consuming and expensive process. If you decide to go to court by yourself, the defendant and their insurance company could try to stop you from taking legal action.

If you use a knowledgeable and seasoned lawyer, you won’t have to cave into such threats or give up your case. Insurance firms will think twice about trying to scare you off and will pay more attention to the settlement process.

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    Potential compensation should really be maximized when you get into an accident. I really do think this is something that people should always think about if they’re injured as medical bills are quite high after you leave the hospital no matter what happens. Should I ever get injured during a car accident, I’ll make sure to take your advice about hiring an attorney for such a thing.


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