Business Office Decor For Your Home Office

If you’ve got a laptop and a wifi connection you can work from home, even while wearing your PJ’s!

Whether running a home business or working remotely, many enjoy the benefits of working from home.

In fact, working from home is said to be more productive than being present in the office. A recent report showed that those who spent 60-80% of their week working from home were more engaged than those who spent most of their time in the office.

But working from home can pose a few challenges. For example, being in a home environment can lead to procrastination

Read on to find some great tips and tricks on how you can use business office decor to make your workspace a productive and creative environment.

The Traditional Office

A traditional office with a desk and chair is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about working from home.

But an office space doesn’t need to be generic or even clinical! If you take a look at the offices of MRS Associates for example, you could have a home office just like theirs.

  1. Warm and Cosy

A stark white office with metallic furniture can not only look impersonal but can also feel uncomfortable.

Warming it up with some mood lighting, a colored rug, and a variety of pillows can give life to the room. Don’t underestimate the power of a scented candle or a fresh bouquet of flowers, having those fresh aromas can make your space tranquil and easy to work in.

But remember, it is your workspace, you don’t want to be too comfy, or you might snooze off!

  1. Add a Pop of Color

Having your own room as an office definitely has its benefits. It can have its own color scheme which doesn’t necessarily have to match with the rest of your home.

If your house generally has a neutral color theme, with creams and browns, why not add a splash of color to your office space? Go bold and bright! Although you may not be brave enough to have striking colors in your living room, an office is an ideal place to go a bit wild!

Whether it’s a vivid feature wall, a brightly colored desk, chair or accessories, your office will look funky and cool. These colors might inspire your creative thinking during your working hours too.

  1. Check Out That View!

If it’s practical, try pushing your desk in front of the window. The natural sunlight shining on your desk and an attractive view out the window is said to boost your productivity.

Use your window as your main feature, with pretty curtains or modern blinds as a focal point.

  1. A Shared Space

Maybe you have to share your office with your partner, or even with your kids while they do their homework. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Carve out personal spaces within the office. Whether you share one large desk or have two separate desks, you can create two differently styled productive areas that complement each other.

You don’t need a line taped down the middle of the room! You could use colors, wall prints or accessories to define the separate workspaces.

Office Alternatives

So maybe you don’t have a spare room for an office. There are several other alternative spaces around your home you may have missed.

Don’t forget that when adding an office area into one of your existing rooms, you should make it all flow. Try to match your business office decor with the surrounding decorative elements.

  • A Confidential Corner

Find an unoccupied quiet corner of the house, add a small desk, a lamp, and a few floating shelves. This could be in the living room, dining room or even the kitchen!

If you feel your space needs to be more isolated, or you’re disturbed by family members, try adding a curtain to give you a little extra privacy.

  • Invade Your Sleeping Zone

No, we’re not suggesting you work from your actual bed! But a few key pieces tucked away in your bedroom can make a very peaceful work area.

Try adding a high backed armchair with a matching footstool to the corner of your room. Install a few floating shelves and have a small coffee table for your laptop.

  • A Surprisingly Practical Place

Just because you don’t have a separate room for your office doesn’t mean you need to hide it away. Having an office space in the hallway may be a practical, light an airy space to work in.

Add a slimline desk, a stool or fold-down chair, some box shelves, a waste paper bin, and a bunch of flowers.

A hallway is a great place to showcase some bold wallpaper. Why not have a brave geometric pattern be the backdrop of your new office? Or if you’re a little more traditional, what about a floral design?

Business Office Decor Accessories

Whether your office is in its own specific room, or its tucked into a practical spot somewhere, the business office decor you choose is important to your productivity.

Make sure your office has these essential items.

  • Accessories for Organizing

A challenge of working at home can be separating your personal life from your work life. The key is being organized.

Although we live in a digital world, a lot still needs to be written down and stored. Make sure you have enough space for your important files and folders.

Keep your office space organized by installing floating shelves, have several paper trays, use a practical desk with plenty of drawers, or keep a slimline bookshelf next to your work area.

  • Trendy Art Prints

Art prints with inspirational quotes, song lyrics, vintage photos or natural scenes of beauty are all said to help inspire creativity.

Having just one print, or a whole feature wall of prints in various sizes will look super trendy and at the same time inspire you to greatness!

  • Mood Board

A successful business is driven by goals. A great way to achieve your goals is to have them written down. But just a bullet point list doesn’t do much to motivate you.

A mood board is a collage of chic images, quotes, and aims to act as a visual reminder and motivator of your goals. It can even be created to be a work of art.

Just like your business, your mood board will constantly evolve. When goals are achieved, they can come off the board, if you’re going in a different direction or learn something new, it goes on the board. It’s like a visual representation of your workflow.

The Boring Office Is Gone!

As you can see, choosing the right business office decor is of vital importance. A boring, cluttered and unimaginative workspace can actually hinder your creativity!

We hope these tips will help you to make your home office be, not just a place to sit and type on your laptop, but a place to inspire you, set goals, and do your absolute best…even if you are sat in your pajamas!

We have loads more home and business improvement hacks. Read our blog for more!

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