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Chilled cocktails with fruits and ice swirling around and paper umbrellas sticking out the top, and you are living your best life. The sounds of the waves washing up on the sand as you lie in the sun baking to a golden brown, the song of gulls as they glide over the air streams and you don’t have a care in the world.

That dream is soon interrupted by a husband moaning that the aircon unit has packed up again, probably gone down the beach to be honest, and the house is turning into a sauna which is the last thing you want in the heat of summer with the kids on holiday – everyone will end up walking around like sweaty Bettys before long. Learn more about air conditioning units here.

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So, as much as you have asked your hubby to have a look to try a DIY move, and he has (banging it), it seems like the right time to call in the professionals. A company and team that knows more about air coolers than a bit of banging and choice words.

Choosing the Right HVAC Company

Opting for the cheapest route is usually more costly in the long run, rather look for a reliable and reputable company with satisfied customer reviews shown on their website. Going on the recommendation of friends or family members that have used them would be a bonus.

Certain indicators will be evident before the installation has even taken place that will be deciding factors for you. Things like information. The agent should be able to answer any questions you may have and show you all options best suited to you, not just the ones suited to them making money.

Look for invoices and documentation that looks professional, it may not indicate surety of the work yet, but it does show they are organized and take pride in their brand, hand written quotes on a scrap paper is just not going to cut it.

If these sound like the services you are looking for, then visit quickcool.ca for assurance of customer care and product quality you can rely on. You want a company that is communicative through the whole process and on completion gives detailed instructions on how to operate it.

How will you know if you made the right choice? The company should phone and check that you are happy with your aircon after installation, give bi-annual reminders of maintenance and respond quickly to any warranty issues you might have.

Choosing the Right HVAC Company

5 Benefits of Using an Aircon

  • Work performance. Not peeling your shirt off your back or being stuck to the chair in the office would be great, having an aircon makes the environment more pleasant to work and be in and therefore the staff are more productive. Read this blog and see discussions and stories by others and their aircon units.
  • Improved sleep. Summer nights can be humid and sticky, I would know since I come from a country where summer night temperatures still start with a 3. With an aircon, you can regulate the indoor temperature to be cool, not cold, and once you’ve fallen asleep its auto shut-off feature will put itself to sleep so you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night.
  • Gym. If you have the luxury to work from home then fitting in a bit of exercise is easier than having to run the car down the local gym center. You can switch the cooling unit on, your favorite playlist pumping at full volume and have a 30-minute sweat session at home, but without all the sweating. Win-win.
  • Cooler electrics. With an overall cooler environment around the house, all those chargers left plugged by the kids won’t be a worry. No more overheating of cables and electrics.
  • Bugs. This I take seriously since I just hear the faintest buzzing and I run for the hills, but with the air not being humid anymore I no longer have my running shoes on. They want heat and warmth to reproduce and set up camp, I won’t allow it.

Which Aircon to Choose

Which Aircon to Choose?

You’ve decided its time to invest in a cooling unit, now comes the decision on which model and style is best going to suit your lifestyle.

There are many various styles on the market so researching the features and modes is going to be your best bet in the final choice, see this handy guide on air-conditioning to get you started.

There are portable units in which you move from room to room as desired, fixed installations are done by a professional and stationery in the window and lastly split AC. This style is broken into 2, the box outside and the sleek looking fan inside, aesthetically better but more costly.

Either way, you decide to go be sure not to rush into a purchase without some homework, consider the family dynamic and more importantly the layout of your home. Stay chilled.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post on behalf of quickcool.ca, but then again as always, I am devoted to providing content that is supportive and valuable to the readers.

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