Building Muscle Faster: 10 Splendid Ways to do it

Are you out there and have been struggling to have bigger muscle without success? Well, struggle no more. This article will give you super tips on the fastest ways to build your muscle and maintain that rapid muscle growth as long as you want.

10 Important Tips on How to Build Muscle Faster

  1. Eat Well

Focus on having about five calorie-rich meals each day taken at an interval of 2-3 hours. This will constantly provide your body with something to metabolize and build your muscle.

If you fail to have proper diet, your body will take energy from the muscles during the workout and this will hurt your metabolism process.

Foods rich in calories include carbohydrates like yams and sweet potatoes, proteins like beef, and natural fat rich foods like avocado and fatty fish.

  1. Be Consistent and Persistent

Consistency is key in building muscle. Once you create a proper nutrition and training program, it is better you stick with it.

According to a report, missing the workouts can be of no use in building your muscle even if you follow the best training advice in the world. It says people who give reasons for not attending gym end up making it a habit and fail to see progress compared to those who are consistent and persistent in their training.

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  1. Have Enough Sleep

Sleep forms an important element in your training schedule. During sleep, your body gets a chance to repair and regrow. It is also the time nutrients get replenished and muscle tends to repair themselves as the body tends to be at rest and motionless.

The amount of enough sleep varies from person to person but on average, 6-8 hours in recommended. Lacking enough sleep will negatively affect your muscle growth and even lower your morale of attending training.

  1. Avoid Longer Workouts

As you train, focus on intensity rather than a longer workout.

According to another report, as you start training, testosterone (body hormone responsible for more muscle growth and loss of fat)  shoots above normal levels, and it becomes peak after around half an hour. After that, the level reduces and more of cortisol is produced. Cortisol is a body hormone which eats up muscle tissues and increases storage of body fat.

This is a scenario you would not really want to experience and for that, it is recommended you spend around half an hour in training.

  1. Eat Enough Protein Before and After Training

Protein-synthesis is a metabolic process that takes place during muscle growth and maintenance. This process requires constant supply of energy and as the process takes place, it eats up protein found in body muscles.

Maintaining enough supply of protein in the body makes your muscle larger since its synthesis rate will be higher than the breakdown.

Though metabolic process of muscle building is stimulated during weight lifting, it also damages them at the same time.

You should therefore provide your body with enough nutrients especially protein to repair the damaged muscle and avoid their degradation.

  1. Focus on Compound Exercises

Compound movements are those that affects more muscle groups and joints and helps them build faster and increase strength.

Focusing on one isolation movement that involves one muscle group will only make that particular group grow, but if you involve all groups and joints, they will all grow faster and uniformly. This will help you gain a uniform muscular body.

In addition, compound exercises will make you gain more after short time. Some of the common compound movements include squats, bench press, pull-ups and overhead press.

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  1. Have Enough Rest

Integrating rest days in your training schedule is very important as it will give your muscle enough time to recover between the workouts.

Inadequate rest hinders muscular development by decreasing energy, testosterone and growth hormone levels but at the same time increasing production of catabolic hormones responsible for destroying muscle.

You should therefore come up with a training program that allows at-least one resting day between each training the workout and also avoid training same muscle group for two consecutive days.

  1. Be Patient and Have Realistic Expectations

Many people tends to be too anxious and expect massive muscle build ups within few months into weight lifting. Well, this is not always the case. Remember, even Rome was not built in one day and that better things never come that quick and easy.

Even though changes in muscle starts almost immediately after training, the changes can only be noticed after several weeks or months of persistent training. This is because changing body composition is a process that takes time and you have no control over it.

Having realistic training approach with dedication and patience will make you become leaner, stronger and more muscular.

  1. Focus on Progressive Overload

This is a very important concept that lays the foundation upon which resistance training is developed. In order to get stronger and more muscular, you must make your muscle work extra hard than they are used to, often leading to increased resistance.

Progressive overload increases the demands on the muscle groups and if this is not maintained, they will start losing strength and size.

Methods used to increase overload includes: increased resistance, increased repetitions, increased volume and training frequency.

  1. Drink a Shake During Training

Protein shakes are growth supplements and are rich sources of easily absorbed and processed protein.

Different shakes are taken at different times during training and provide the body with quick amino acids which expands muscle fibers, resulting into increased energy storage. This in turn boosts strength and stamina.

 Protein Shakes Works Differently in the Body as Shown Below:

  • Pre-workout protein shake- gives the body quick flow of amino acids which is then converted into ATP
  • Mid-workout protein shake- Is ideal if you are planning to train for more than one hour and makes you continue with intense training.
  • Post-workout protein shake–This gives your body necessary nutrients it needs to repair damaged muscle during training, leading to increased growth.
  • Pre-bed protein shake- Supplies your body with steady protein supply that is needed for overnight muscle repair. Most of the body healing happens during sleep and so enough protein will ensure maximum repair and growth

Wrap up

In order to be successful in your bid to gain enormous muscle growth, you should learn to be consistent and persistent.

Working hard is less likely to produce desired results. Instead, work  smarter, practice correct compound movements, use best muscle building supplements and proper diet and you will see unbelievable results within the shortest time possible.

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