Top 6 Bottle Feeding Tips All Moms Should Hear

Are you about to become a parent for the first time?

Perhaps you’ve already had an infant but are using formula for the first time.

If so, we know that you likely have lots of questions. You might even be concerned about whether or not using formula is the right choice for you and your baby.

Don’t worry.

We’re here to help you to figure it all out.

In this post, we’re offering up some of our best bottle feeding tips that you need to know.

From holding your child at the right angle to ensuring you’ve heated the formula at the proper temperature, read on to learn the best tips for bottle feeding that your infant will benefit from.

6 Best Bottle Feeding Tips All Moms Should Know

  1. The Angle Matters

When you’re giving an infant their baby formula bottle, make certain that you’re holding the bottle at the ideal angle.

If you put the baby too flat, they’ll end up taking in far more formula than is normal. This could even lead to choking.

Hold both the baby and the bottle at about a 45-degree angle. A good method is to use the crook of your arm to slightly lift your baby’s head upwards.

If you hold it beneath that, your baby is prone to taking in too many air bubbles. Another way to make sure your baby isn’t taking in too much air?

Always make sure that the nipple of the bottle is completely filled with milk when you’re feeding.

  1. Make Feeding a Bonding Experience

We know that you’re a busy mom.

Especially as your child gets a bit older, it can be seriously tempting to leave the baby propped up with a bottle while you quickly run into another room.

First of all, doing so is extremely dangerous.

But more importantly, you need to see feeding time as an opportunity to bond. Especially since you’re not nursing, holding your baby, talking to them, and even giving them a smile or kiss helps to strengthen their connection to you.

  1. Filter your Water

Recent studies have shown that anywhere between 40-60% of infant lead exposure happens because lead-filled water is mixed with formula.

This can lead to a lower overall IQ, difficulties with hearing, anemia, and even difficulty with learning in the future.

So, one of our most important tips for bottle feeding is to be certain that you’ve properly filtered your water. Or, use bottled water if you want to be certain you’re not exposing your baby to lead.

You can buy a filter that sits in your fridge, or you can simply install one on your water tap. For best results, we strongly suggest (even if you think your water is fine) letting the tap run for three seconds before using the water.

  1. Use High Quality, Organic Formula

Of course, none of the tips for bottle feeding we’ve mentioned so far will be useful if you don’t invest in a high-quality formula.

We strongly suggest going with an organic formula if at all possible (it’s easy to order them online.)

First of all, organic formulas contain a higher level of vitamins and nutrients than traditional options.

More importantly, however, they also come from cows that haven’t been exposed to any dangerous pesticides or chemicals.

The right formula can even help your baby to fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer at night. Plus, organic formula can even help to strengthen your baby’s overall immune system.

  1. Get the Bottle at the Proper Temperature

If you’re using a baby formula bottle to feed your infant, you also need to be certain that it’s at the correct temperature.

The one “golden rule” of formula?

Never, under any circumstances, microwave the formula bottle. This can end up scalding your infant. Even if the bottle feels like it’s at the correct temperature, it heats unevenly.

It’s simply not worth the risk.

Instead, put your formula bottle inside a bowl of milk of water that’s been heated up on a stove. You can also simply turn on your faucet and place the bottle in the sink or in a bowl. Let the warm water slowly run over the bottle until it’s heated up.

You should then test the temperature of the bottle on the inside of your wrist to make sure that it’s the perfect temperature.

  1. Feed on Both Sides of Your Body

We know that you may feel guilty about not being able to breastfeed your baby.

One of our best bottle feeding tips for infants?

When you feed your baby, make sure that you switch feeding your baby on both sides of your body, as you might feed them from different breasts.

Believe it or not, doing so can cause your baby to make eye contact with you in different directions — which can boost brain development down the line.

Take Advantage of These Bottle Feeding Tips

From making sure that you switch up the sides of your body on which you feed your baby to buying high-quality formula, we hope you’ve found these bottle feeding tips helpful.

Remember, at the end of the day, much of motherhood is about learning as you go, anticipating your child’s needs, and being flexible.

Above all, it’s about trial and error!

So, don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go perfectly the first time.

Looking for more advice on how to be the best mom ever?

Be sure to keep reading our blog for awesome parenting hacks and tips.

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