The Best Scientific Breakthroughs 2017 Has Witnessed So Far

Science and technology has had a major part to play in the evolution of human life and all elements surrounding it. Everything we know (or think we know) is questioned by the most recent scientific discoveries.

With ever rising demands for a comfortable life, new discoveries in science become mandatory. We also share our planet with other living organisms. And being intellectually superior, it’s our responsibility of safeguarding their existence with science and technology.

With this in mind, scientists and researchers push boundaries every day to come up with answers that question every aspect of our existence.

Who are we and are we alone across the universe? Can we improve our lives and secure safe future for generations to come?

Answers to these questions are still unknown. But time will come when they are completely answered. Presently, each can be dealt as fragments, when progress is made with each passing day.

As of today, scientists and researchers have made tremendous contributions towards various fields;  And they’ll continue with their responsibilities. But what are the scientific breakthroughs this year? Here’s a look at a few groundbreaking discoveries that’ll leave you speechless.

Innovative, Technological and Scientific Discoveries 2017 Has Witnessed So Far

  1. Earth-Like Planets In The Aquarius Constellation

Before you get any more excited, you should realize that the seven earth-sized planets that are a part of the Aquarius Constellation haven’t been probed for signs of life. Moreover, the entire constellation is about 39 light years away from Earth.

Earth-Like Planets In The Aquarius Constellation

Having said that, this mind-blowing revelation is one of the few latest science discoveries that hint at the possibility of the existence of life within other parts of the universe.

Scientists also say that the size of the planets and their closeness to a dwarf star raises the chances of finding signs of life on them.

The researchers also concluded that their star isn’t as powerful as the Sun, but that hasn’t dimmed their hopes of expecting life to exist on them.

Although they feel that they might have to wait another decade to probe the constellation, the news is nevertheless exhilarating.

  1. On The Brink Of Male Contraceptives

Seldom do recent discoveries in science as this show up. Well, scientists from France developed a gel which acts like a contraceptive for males.

With this gel, men can be introduced to a newer male birth control method.

On The Brink Of Male Contraceptives

Also known as Vasalgel, it was tried on monkeys. This prevented sperm from fusing with the seminal fluid, and the result was a hundred percent successful.

The surgical procedure is similar to vasectomy. However, the catch here is that the inserted gel won’t be as permanent as vasectomy. Many see this as a win-win situation.

Only time and trial can tell if this method will work on humans, which is expected to take place in 2018 or 2019.

  1. Beating Alcoholism And Binge Drinking

The developments in science today have worked wonders for the society. For instance, take binge drinking and alcoholism. It is said that moderate drinking of alcohol can have benefits like reduction of strokes and heart diseases.

But go overboard and the problems that await are plenty. Thankfully, new inventions in science and research have allowed scientists from University of Texas Medical Center to develop a pill. They believe it will curb binge drinking and alcoholism.

Beating Alcoholism And Binge Drinking

They began by studying the genetic material of light, moderate, and heavy alcohol consumers. They initiated by zeroing in on a gene. The conclusion was that those who had the variation were susceptible to drink less.

Alcohol and humans’ fondness for it. Scientists stipulate that the evolution of the gene might’ve been due to humans staying in proximity with alcohol for thousands of years.

They tested this gene by introducing it to mice. It was found that those who were given the hormone were more drawn to water than alcohol.

There was another observation as well. The mice in the control group were liable to consume alcohol.

As of now, work is underway to create a pill. A hormonal pill containing the same variation hormone, which scientists think will be helpful in battling binge drinking and alcoholism.

  1. Cure For Common Cold Not Far Away

The latest science news from the field of genetic research brings another solution to a problem that has haunted humans for ages—common cold.

The thought of snotty noses and irritating sneezes is annoying. It can make you feel down and out until you’re back to normal. Luckily, researchers are digging for a solution in genetic science. They’ve claimed to have cracked the genetic code that gives rise to the common cold’s strains.

Cure For Common Cold Not Far Away

Researchers believe that a gene-targeting drug can work. It can function by removing all the strains of the virus. This theory challenges the development of virus-targeting vaccines. These vaccines are realistically inefficient due to the constant mutation of the virus.

Earlier, the scientists studying the Human Parechovirus stipulated that the virus was the result of signals coming together in a small area of the genome. However, British-Finnish scientists have overturned the earlier theory.

They’ve deduced that the virus is given rise through multiple sites in the genome. They are now working on a drug that can treat the decoding mechanisms that are similar in all the strains of the virus.

The next step is to unearth anti-viral drug discoveries. Drugs that can target the decoding mechanisms of the strains of the virus. However, scientists presume that it can take 10 years.

  1. Human-Pig Embryos For Organ Transplant

You might cringe at the latest technology news that brings the possibility of growing human organs inside pigs. Why would they do that?

Human Pig Embryos For Organ Transplant

Well, scientists believe that by researching this area can help in the study of diseases and development of life-saving drugs.

They simply took some human cells and successfully planted them in pig embryos. As stated by them, the small step taken by them now might be able to help them research successful organ growth.

Summing Up

Research and development in science and technology results in discoveries that will be able to solve a host of problems that have existed and troubled mankind for generations. As we move forward, more problems across all fields will crop up.

But the fact that the brilliant minds of this planet have the solutions brings much respite. Scientists and researchers have defied all odds to solve problems affecting mankind in the past, and there’s no doubting the fact that they’ll be continuing the same trend for many years to come.

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