How to Find the Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

If you want a surefire way to make a woman groan in frustration, it’s to mention swimsuit shopping. According to a report only 5% of women actually have the body type associated with what people think of when they think of the “ideal” body type.

So, when you think of your beach body, no wonder swimsuit shopping seems difficult. But the only thing you have to wear to the beach this summer to feel and look great is a swimsuit that fits your body type and confidence.

Choosing bathing suits for your body type can make all the difference in the world when it comes to feeling your best when it comes time to show off that suit.

The Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

You may have heard that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Since swimsuits are similar to bras, it makes sense that finding the right size is so difficult.

When you analyze which body type you have and what works best with it, you’ll have a much easier time finding the best swimsuit for your body type.

Eating healthy can help you gain extra confidence when showing some skin. Combine a healthy diet with the most flattering cut of suit, and you’ll be beach-ready in no time.

  1. Large Bust

No one really feels sorry for you, but if you have a larger bust, you know you need a lot of support. Suits with built-in underwire in bra-style help give the assurance you need while in the water.

If you want to draw the emphasis away from your chest, go for simplicity with your suit. Ruffles and flashy accessories are only going to draw eyes upward.

Higher-backed swimsuits are also helpful for keeping everything in place, along with suits with thick straps.

  1. Small Bust

You can choose from a number of swimsuit tops not available to the more well-endowed if you have a smaller chest, like triangle tops or strapless tops. You can also glam it up with your suit – ruffles, embellishments, and bold prints are all green-lighted when it comes to this body type because they increase emphasis wherever they’re placed.

If you’re feeling less confident about a smaller chest, let a push-up suit do some work for you. But you can embrace fun cuts like bandeaus, scoop tops, and halter tops. Tops with padding are also a great option, as they can create the illusion of a fuller look.

A printed top and basic bottom can be a great mix and matching aesthetic to highlight your frame.

  1. Pear Shape

Pear shape means that you’ve got curvier hips and a smaller top – you’re literally shaped like a pear fruit.

With any swimsuit you buy, you’re going to want to balance your proportions. When choosing bottoms, steer clear of wider cuts like boy shorts or shapes with a banded bottom. Those styles emphasize your rear more than cover it up, so will throw your look off balance.

When searching for a top, a neckline that plunges can help emphasize your upper half while drawing attention away from the bottom, helping to create a harmonized look. And off shoulder or strappy style can create volume at the top of your body as well.

  1. Curvy

If you’ve got curves, the best bathing suits for your body type are going to help hold everything together while showing it all off. For curvy girls, one-pieces create an issue with accentuating curves, so steer clear.

Instead, experiment with color blocking to highlight your most confident areas and draw less attention to what you’d rather people not see. High waisted suits help keep everything in check while still showing off your curves. Retro suits also look great on you and give off that pin-up model vibe.

  1. Athletic

An athletic body type means you’re more straight up and down than curved, so you want to up your curve game by drawing emphasis to the curves you have. Bold prints are fair game for both your top and bottom to draw the eye to emphasize points you want people to see.

You want to make your body look more feminine, so the smaller the bottom of the swimsuit, the larger your backside is going to look. Bikini bottoms that adjust at the side accomplish this job well, along with monokinis or bikinis that have cutouts deliberately placed to make the wearer appear curvier.

Still, you may want to play up your athletic side, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You can find an athletic suit that showcases your strong body type by choosing a style more similar to a sports bra and exercise wear.

  1. Tummy Tucking

To get that tummy tuck, you can experiment with different monokinis and one pieces. Thankfully, the one piece has evolved from those mom-like swimsuits you might be picturing when you heard the term “one-piece.” Read more about the super trendy cuts you can choose from and get that tummy under control.

There’s a suit here for everyone. If you want to show off some cleavage, you can choose a one piece with a plunging neckline. Show off your back with an open back design – with the intricate cuts of monokinis, you can accentuate whatever part of your body you might be more positive about and hide the parts you’d rather not flaunt.

Another way to literally tuck your tummy? Cut down on sugar – it can cause stomach bloat.

Determine Your Body Type

Maybe you’re not sure which bathing suits for your body type to choose from because you still don’t know your body type.

Whether you’re planning your vacation or just want to wear your suit by the local pool this summer, you need to know your body type.

Once you do, you can start accentuating the features of your body by choosing not only swimsuits that look great on you, but the rest of your wardrobe, too.

Of course, if you want to wear something that doesn’t traditionally fit your body type – do it. The best outfits are ones that you love, no matter what anyone else says.

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