The Top 9 Benefits of Having a Security Mirror for Your Home

During your daily routine, you probably come across a security mirror at least once or twice a day. Security mirrors, also known as convex safety mirrors, are widely used in pretty much every business and industry you can imagine.

Yet, few people think of installing security mirrors in their home. In an age when the safety of yourself and family is more important than ever, security mirrors offer a simple and affordable way to protect what matters most.

They have long been used by businesses as an effective way of deterring thieves, anticipating attacks and maintaining the general safety of both customers and employees.

In the modern home, the benefits of a security mirror are amplified. More families are now turning to security mirrors to not only deter criminals, but also to be able to keep a better eye on children, pets, and neighbors.

Here are the top 9 benefits of having a security mirror for your home

  1. A Security Mirror Helps Stop Crime

This is probably the most obvious reason. Security mirrors are a cornerstone of crime prevention tools. They are used by police officers, business owners, airport security and even the military.

They provide a 360-degree view of your home and the surrounding area, meaning that criminals won’t be able to slip in undetected. What’s more, criminals tend to go for easy targets. Just the sight of an outdoor security mirror will be enough to let any potential bad guys know that this will not be an easy house to break into.

Having a security mirror attached to your business or home is proven to reduce crime and deter potential criminals, so it really is a no-brainer. It’s a simple, highly visible way to let people know that your home is secure and that you’re alert.

  1. They Protect You From Accidents

Security mirrors act as viewing mirrors that allow you to see any potential accidents heading your way. Inside your home, a security mirror will allow to easily and quickly spot potential mishaps such as falling objects or unsafe objects lying on the ground.

Imagine you’re heading from the kitchen into the dining room, carrying plates full of food for your family. A security mirror mounted on the upper wall between the two rooms will allow you to spot if a child or pet is running your way, about to knock into you and spill Friday night dinner all over the floor.

Outdoor security mirrors can also prevent more serious accidents from occurring. A security mirror placed above your driveway will allow you to better spot oncoming traffic. This means that when you’re reversing out of your driveway, you’ll be less likely to collide with another vehicle, or accidentally hit somebody.

  1. You Can Keep An Eye On Your Loved Ones

A safety mirror provides a full view of your surroundings. When you live in a busy home, especially one with young children, this can be a godsend.

You may be too busy to keep a constant eye on your loved ones. Maybe you’re doing laundry or answering emails, and the last thing you want is to be anxiously scanning the whole building to make sure your children aren’t in any trouble. A security mirror allows you to glance at one spot and see everything at once. You might be sitting in one place, but simply looking up will allow you to perfectly scan the whole vicinity.

This panopticon effect is what makes the mirrors so popular. You’ll be able to see that your loved ones are behaving well and playing safe, whatever you’re doing.

  1.   Security Mirrors Are Affordable

Security for your home is naturally a top priority for you. However, you may be reluctant to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a high-tech home security system. Even your average, run-of-the-mill home security cameras can run you up several thousand dollars.

Even worse, you may be tempted to invest in popular “dummy” security cameras which may deter criminals, but don’t actually allow you to monitor your home. This is why security mirrors are so effective. They are much cheaper than cameras, while still allowing you to keep tabs on everything that is going on your property.

They’re an efficient, simple and highly affordable security option. Well-established providers such as SensorNation offer hugely cost-effective, top of the range security cameras. When it comes to home security, there are few smarter ways to keep your family safe.

  1. They Will Reduce Your Energy Costs

Energy costs are on the rise across America. The last thing you want is to have to deal with rising energy bills when all you’re trying to do is keep the lights on in your home. Luckily, security mirrors are also known to help maximize the energy efficiency of your home.

Placing your viewing mirrors in the right spots will reflect and amplify the amount of natural light coming into your home. This will mean that you’ll spend less of the day with the lights switched on.

What’s more, placing your mirrors beside lightbulbs in lamps will allow more light to be reflected around your home in the evening. This will brighten up your home and mean that fewer lights need to be switched on. The overall result is that your energy bills will be lower.

  1. They Are Stylish

Few people might think of security mirrors when discussing home design. However, mirrors are in, and the concave and convex designs of security mirrors are becoming particularly trendy.

The sleek curves and space-enhancing appearance of the mirrors will make a sleek addition to any living room. The bubble-shaped appearance will give a retro-future look to even the most muted of living spaces, and make your home appear brighter as a result.

They fit seamlessly into any home environment, and can easily be mistaken by guests as a bold design choice, rather than a security measure.

  1.   Security Mirror Makes Rooms Appear More Spacious

As with as mirrors, security mirrors will make the room appear larger and airier than it may currently be. Adding mirrors to your living space is a long-established trick still used by the top designers to add a sense of space and calm to any room.

For maximum effect, the security mirror is best placed in a narrow space such as a hallway or pantry. People entering this space will feel markedly less-cramped, as the mirror gives the impression that the space is much larger.

  1. Security Mirrors Are Long-Lasting

For whatever purpose you may be considering buying a security mirror, knowing that they last a lifetime is always a comfort. Unlike security cameras, a safety mirror does not need regular maintenance, which will again save on the costs.

The best security mirrors tend to always be made of a strong, durable and secure material, meaning they’re highly unlikely to ever scratch, crack or fade. You may only ever need to buy a security mirror once in your lifetime, as the product is unlikely to ever need replacing.

In a world where many manufacturers depend on their own products degrading so that customers are forced to buy them again and again, the lasting durability of security mirrors can provide a refreshing sense of comfort and relief.

Unlike a regular mirror, a security mirror is unlikely to sustain damage even if dropped from a height, as they tend to be made from stronger stuff than just regular glass. They’re also designed specifically to stop criminals from intentionally damaging them, which adds to their long-lasting appeal.

  1. They Are Convenient

Keeping your family and possessions secure should never take up a significant part of your life. It’s something that you want taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, having convex safety mirrors installed takes place at the drop of a hat. They’re easy to buy, and once you’ve picked the perfect mirrors for you, they can be up in your home within minutes. After this, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the mirrors, or scrolling through footage, or dealing with electrical faults.

The greatest asset of a security mirror is that it greatly enhances your safety and security with an absolute minimum investment of time and effort. Security should always be convenient, and safety mirrors deliver on that front.

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Security is too important to ignore, especially in this day and age. That’s why keeping updated is the best way to stay on top. After all, knowledge is power, and being armed with the right information is a must in the modern era.

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