Why You Should Go on Regular Walks with Your Dog

Whether it’s your first time to become a pet parent or you’re still planning to become one, there are a couple of things you should learn. Learning how to take care of a pet is a little similar to getting to know the basics of human parenting. Just like kids, pets need tender loving care, time, and attention.

Just because a pooch is too cute, you’ll already get one without carefully considering the responsibilities of a pet owner. Many dog owners out there only think about their own benefits when it comes to pet ownership. For example, dogs can serve as guards—barking at strangers and chasing off potentially suspicious guys. They are also stress relievers and awesome companions. What’s more, they are too cute!

Yes, these are just some of the wonderful rewards of owning a dog. But, let’s talk about the list of things a responsible pet owner should do. When you take home a dog, pet ownership doesn’t only entail feeding it several times a day and giving it adequate water. A responsible pet owner makes sure that his pet is always clean and well-groomed. Its surroundings should also be well-kept and tidy. He should also take it to the veterinary for necessary vaccines.

There’s also the not so fun part of pet ownership: dogs can poop and piss anywhere. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to clean it up. So, now, how’s your patience so far?

If you think, the to-do list ends there, hold on for a while. It’s also a no-no to just leave your dog alone by its leash on a constant basis. Just like humans, they need exercise. Lack of it or none at all may cause your dog to suffer from several health issues. So, spend quality time with your dog several times a week on a regular basis to go jogging or walking together.

If you can commit to doing all these tasks consistently despite your busy schedule, then owning a dog would be great for you.

Here is Why You Should Go on Regular Walks with Your Dog

What You Should Know About Walking Your Dog

A well-exercised dog is a happy and healthy dog. The best exercise that you can do with your dog is walking together. We know that the classic, simple, and low-maintenance exercise of walking never gets old. Both you and your dog will surely get tons of benefits when you do it everyday or several times per week.

Here are a couple of things to remember:

  1. Different breeds have varying needs when it comes to exercise

Typically, young dogs need 30 minutes to one hour of exercise each day. However, different breeds have varying needs. Large, active dogs and those that are typically used for sports, hunting, and herding need more amount of exercise and mobility.

So, if you’re still undecided which breed you should get for a pet, do some research about the different dog breeds—their exercise needs, temperament, nutritional requirements, and other important details.

If you already have one and you’re not sure about the information mentioned above, take time to read about your dog to ensure that you’re meeting its required amount of exercise and other needs.

  1. Prepare yourself and your dog for walking

Before taking long walks, do some proper stretches to prepare yourself and your dog. Stretch your legs, arms, and back. Failure to do proper stretches before long walks may cause body aches afterwards.

  1. Ensure necessary vaccines and neuter/spay your dog

The government requires to have your dog vaccinated against rabies. Anti-rabies shots should be given to your pets every year. Doing so will protect you, your pet, other people, and other animals against this fatal ailment.

It is also advised to neuter or spay your dog. Especially for male dogs, it is beneficial, since they often have decreased aggression when desexed.

  1. Keep your dog on leash in public areas

It is required by the law to keep your dog on leash and under your control whenever you take a stroll in public areas. This is to avoid frightening children and other people who are afraid of dogs. It is also necessary to avoid accidents and damage to property, people, other animals, and the surroundings.

For walking around the neighborhood, a 6-feet leash is ideal. It is just an enough length to give your dog more mobility and opportunity to explore its surroundings, while you can be sure that the leash won’t be easily tangled around your legs. In highly-trafficked places, however, a 4-feet leash is better option. It allows you to be more in control of your dog, avoiding situations that might disturb other pedestrians.

Nylon, leather, and chain are the most common types of material for dog leashes. Leather dog leashes are the most durable type. One of the best qualities of genuine leather leashes is that, it allows for non-slippery, easier, and more comfortable grip, as compared to other materials.

What You Should Know About Walking Your Dog

  1. Make sure the weather and temperature outside is conducive for walking

Either early morning, late afternoon, or early evening is the best part of the day that is conducive for walking your dog because the temperature is cooler. Don’t go for a walk under the scorching heat—it can make you and your dog more exhausted and dehydrated.

  1. Keep yourself and your dog rehydrated

It is important to drink adequate water before, during, and after walking, exercising, and training with your dog. Be sure to take water for you and your furry friend while taking a stroll.

  1. Bring something like a plastic bag and tissue roll to clean up your dog’s mess

It is inevitable that your dog may poop or piss during your walking session. So, bring something that can be useful for cleaning up, such as a plastic bag and a tissue roll. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to clean up any mess that your dog may cause around the area.

The Benefits of Walking With Your Dog

Going for daily 30-minute to one-hour walks with your furry buddy gives you so many mutual benefits. If you haven’t done it lately, it’s about time to make the change.

The Benefits of Walking Together with your Pet

Below are the reasons why.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Fats and Excess Weight

A sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for both humans and dogs. It is one of the major causes of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other lifestyle-related ailments. Thus, this is even enough to serve as the major motivation to start consistent daily walks with your dog.

Walking for around 30 minutes to one hour everyday will help get rid of those unwanted body fats and excess pounds. Both you and your dog can stay fit while having fun together!

  1. Boosts Physical and Mental Health

Have you been feeling sluggish lately? Perhaps, you’re might be also suffering from brain fog from time to time? The solution is simple—walk with your pooch. Walking boosts both physical and mental health. For example, after pigging out, what do you do? Instead of throwing yourself on the couch and entertaining yourself with electronic gadgets, go for a walk. It will trim your belly fats. Your dog will also keep its weight on normal level.

Walking also boosts alertness and willingness to learn. It allows you to become more creative, as you think and reflect, and get unique ideas from your environment. As for your dog, walking enables it to explore more sights, sounds, and scents. It is a wonderful learning experience for your pal!

  1. Provides Training Opportunity and Strengthening Your Bond

Have you taught your dog some basic training such as stay, sit, and heel? Walking is an ideal opportunity to teach your dog those basic things. Be ready to give some rewards, too. A pat, rub, or its favorite food really works as a super nice reward.

Going on Regular Walks with Your Dog

  1. Solves that Annoying Behavior and Habits

Biting, chewing, barking, and yowling are just some of the familiar habits of a bored pet. They have much energy to release and if they can’t spend it on something worthwhile, they turn to destructive behavior for pleasure. Many dog owners complain about their puppy biting and chewing almost everything around the house, typically, their shoes and slippers. Find out more here.

One of the benefits of walking is that your dog is able to spend its energy on something worthwhile. The more you bring your dog outside to play and exercise on a regular basis, the more it becomes well-mannered.

A well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog. Doesn’t that sound like good news? No more ruined shoes and slippers at home!

  1. Improves Socialization Skills

Both pet owners and their pets can improve their socialization skills by walking together. People who take a stroll around public places with their pets are often viewed as friendly and approachable. Your cute pal with its funny wagging tail can spark interest from onlookers and start a conversation.

It’s also a great time to allow your dog to meet other animals and learn how to interact and socialize with them in a healthy way.

Start walking with your dog today and reap those wonderful benefits!

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