Beard Grooming Tips – How to Take Care of Your Beard

I don’t like myself without a beard- Jamie Dornan.

Ample number of mustache and beard styles are trending in these days. Growing a goatee also requires proper beard care and mustache care. This article will tell you all you need to know about well-maintained and groomed beard.

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Beard Grooming Tips: Everything You Need To Know

  1. Get Yourself a Beard Trimmer

A trimmed beard gives a new touch to a men’s beards. It is important to have a trimmer if you are planning to grow it. Here are some tips that will give you a clear idea:

  • Gift yourself a beard grooming kit.
  • It is good to get a good quality trimmer. It will avoid the damage it undergoes after being shaved every few days/weeks at the barber’s.
  • Rechargeable and cordless trimmer is always a good idea.
  • Keep a wide-toothed comb and a fine toothed comb.
  • Avoid trimming your beard when wet. Hair looks longer when they are wet. You may end up trimming a larger part.
  • Always start beard trimming from your ear and trim down to the chin. This helps in maintaining a balance between both the sides.
  • Trim your mustache by first combing it straight down. Always start from the middle and never trim your mustache from the top.
  • After trimming, maintain its shape. Use the trimmer to shave the lower portion. It enhances your neckline.

These days, many good quality trimmers are available for beard and mustache.

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  1. Know Which Beard Style You Want

Growing a beard is not a difficult task. But what look like a challenge to most people is the size and the style. This is the place where many people go wrong. Even if you have a maintained beard, wrong length and a wrong style can make you look like a complete wreck. Do follow these steps while growing it.

  • Have a look on some of the new beard styles online or on some social networking sites and get a clear picture of the style you want to adopt.
  • Try to follow the style of someone who has a similar face shape as yours.
  • Setting a goal in mind is very important. You should be aware of the kind, the style and the length that will support your face type.
  • If you are not aware of your style, go for a full beard. If the full length does not suit you, well start trimming.
  • Trim, starting with your neckline and your cheeks. This way you will get an idea of what your style is.
  • For styling long lengths do not forget to keep a good quality balm in your toolbox.
  • The perfect length is very important. When the beard is too short, it looks quite odd and when it is too long it makes our face look puffy.
  • Facial hair grooming is very important and they grow back in days, so you can test different lengths easily.

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  1. Being Patient With Your Beard

Here are some beard growing tips that will be helpful for you.

  • Choose a good time to grow it. Start growing during vacations and holidays. Do not start growing a beard when you have a meeting fixed in 4 weeks.
  • If you are growing it for the first time, then leave the urge to style or trim it. Leave your beard untouched for first 4 to 6 weeks.

Grow beard thicker and faster by using these simple methods.

  1. Keeping The Beard Clean

Just like your hair, beard wash is also very important. Here are some tips to keep it clean and healthy.

  • Wash and shampoo it regularly by using a good quality beard shampoo and conditioner.
  • Consult a good salon for the best shampoo for beards.
  • Conditioning your beard is very important. Rinse properly after conditioning or else it will make it flake.
  • Avoid blow drying as it can be hard on your skin.
  • Pat your beard dry with a towel.
  • Use a beard comb. The wide toothed combs are considered as the best beard combs.
  • You may also use a beard cream to enhance its quality.
  • A good quality beard wax will make it look in order.

There are many beard grooming kits available these days. They help you in the enhancement of your beard and mustache care.

Beard Grooming

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Wrapping Up – Beard Growing Tips

Growing a beard is an art in itself. Try to give some of your time to beard maintenance. There is no use of having a long and stylish beard if it is not in order or not cared properly. Use good quality beard care products.

By following the beard grooming tips given above, you can grow a stylish and rousing beard.

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