Available Jobs For Military Spouses

Nowadays, military spouses have become familiar and well-versed with the challenges that come with their significant other’s jobs. They can cope with the changes to find employers and friends that are very supportive of career growth and flexible job opportunities.

Many spouses don’t have time to have a good base and settle into the area because a PCS order may be required. This is an order that requires a new training or assignment in a different place, and relocation is part of the process.

This is the reason why military spouses may terminate their newfound jobs in cafeterias or secretarial offices. Fortunately, there are many jobs for military spouses as the world is adapting to a work-from-home set-up. The careers can be built in the comforts of their own home and holding a position for remote jobs can be fulfilling and beneficial to the entire family.

Jobs to Choose From

  1. Customer Service

Some companies rely on customer service to improve their products and provide post-sale support. These businesses include Humana, Amazon, PayPal, and Williams-Sonoma, among others. They hire representatives for client interactions, especially when customers have something to complain about. Some aim for a positive review on Google, which is why turning the moments from frustration into an excellent experience is a must.

With the increased demand for digital sales and experience, people tend to turn into online chats and requests for emails for questions. This is made possible with the universality of the phone and internet where you can work wherever you want when convenient to you.

If you love solving problems and talking to people, customer service can be an excellent job. As long as the relocation site provides a good signal, it may be time to apply for this position. Know more about customer service jobs here.

  1. Educational Tutors

Many colleges and schools across the world may not be comfortable with in-person classes. This is why Google Meets, Skype, or Zoom can make virtual classrooms a possibility. You can become a virtual tutor from several companies that offer positions at specific ages. There are openings for college or elementary school students.

Becoming a virtual tutor can help with the education systems around the world, and you become extra support for busy parents and teachers. The children can be connected to people around the world, and when you’re an expert at a specific subject, you can help those who are struggling to understand some of the terms. You’re earning while helping children around the world at the same time.

  1. Be a Technical Writer

Available Jobs for Military Spouses

Many firms are looking for technical writers for their websites. This may require specific skills for certain products and industries that you like to work for. It would be best to have a good eye for formatting and grammar and make the readers understand more about a particular company. Many small and big businesses are offering positions for technical writers, which you can do at your convenience.

Some skills you need include strong writing ability, a good grasp of technology, speaking with the subject matter experts, and endless curiosity about how some things are working.

  1. Web Designer

The pandemic has forced many people to transition into e-commerce instead of the traditional way of advertising their products and services. A good option is to be a web designer that will increase small business owners’ presence on the internet.

Companies like VSchool, Amazon, or Etsy are always looking for excellent web designers. If you think that you are not cut for this, you don’t need to worry. There are many YouTube videos or webinars that can help you with a bit of coding, color scheme arrangements, and the creation of a high-end website. The pay is excellent, especially if you have a good eye for graphics, tech, colors, and designs.

Many companies may require a bachelor’s degree for this kind of job. However, you can further your education if you train and receive certificates from legitimate courses. You can even create an impressive portfolio that can boost your chances of finding a client. Some of the skills you need are good analytical abilities, proficiency in software, and strong visualization skills.

  1. Transcribers

If you have a good ear and you’re fast on the keyboard, being a transcriber can be a good idea for you. You may think that this is not a big market, but this is not the case at all. Many major universities and big corporations need people who can translate audio recordings and videos into accurate texts.

The work includes translating lectures, meetings, phone calls, and seminars. No matter where your military spouse will be assigned into the future, you can always make money by typing. You’ll also be able to get a good grasp of the legal and medical fields.

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