What’s All the Hubbub with Kratom? Here’s What You Should Know

You’re probably so confused about kratom that you’ve decided it’s a weird, dangerous drug that you should just avoid. After all, there are so many contradictory statements about it. Law enforcement, doctors, researchers, and users all seem to have differing options.

Do you wish there were an easy kratom guide that could answer all your burning kratom questions? You’re in luck. Keep reading to finally find out what the deal is with kratom.

Your Kratom Guide: What IS Kratom?

Kratom is a leaf from a Kratom tree, which grows in Southeast Asia. Kratom trees (Mitragyna Speciosa) can grow in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its sacred, medicinal leaves have been used in those societies for centuries.

It’s been used to treat pain, opiate addiction, to combat mood disorders like depression and anxiety, and to boost the immune system.

The different regions produce different types of kratom, all with their own benefits. Climate, weather, and soil are factors for determining what effect kratom will have on the user.

There are three main types of kratom.

Fast, which is white in color, comes from Thailand. This type will stimulate energy and focus and is ideal for people wanting a mood boost. Fast strains are often called Maeng Da.

If you’re just looking for a midday boost, you could always just stick with coffee.

The moderate type of kratom is usually green and will fall between a fast and slow type. So, they’ll provide an energy boost, but not too much. And for sedation, they won’t totally knock you out.

The slow type is the red strain. It’s best for relaxation which can help anxiety, pain, or opiate withdrawal.

What’s Kratom Used For?

Although each strain will have a different effect, the benefits are similar. Most users describe positive effects like fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression.

People going through drug withdrawal will swear by kratom. Getting and staying off an addictive substance is never easy, and some people are desperate for alternative treatments that work.

Most users notice a boost in mood to a happier, more cheerful outlook. They also have less pain, lowered blood pressure, fewer cravings for junk food, and seems to help with premature ejaculation.

That’s right, kratom can help you have a better sex life.

Are There Any Side Effects of Kratom?

Taking a dose that’s too large can lead to extreme drowsiness or loss of consciousness. Don’t ever overdose on a medicinal substance.

Some users will report side effects from taking small, appropriate doses. These effects are mild and temporary.

They consist of itching, flushing, sweating, and nausea. There can also be dizziness, vomiting or diarrhea, or jitters like when you’ve had too much caffeine

The DEA and many physicians are concerned with the potential abuse and addiction of kratom, and there have been some reportedly serious health consequences to its use. However, these instances are rare.

How Do You Use Kratom?

It’s probably not a good idea to smoke kratom, as most smoke shops rarely have a legit product. An efficient way to consume it is to mix the powdered form in some water, juice, or milk. Just be sure to blend it well, because it can taste bad.

Some powdered kratom will come in a capsule form, which you would simply swallow with liquid. However, one way that seems to provide the best results is brewing it as a tea.

This takes time, however. You need to boil the powder for several minutes and then strain it. You can do this through a coffee filter.

Is Kratom Legal?

Now for the tricky question! Kratom, like all other recreational or alternative therapy drugs, has the potential for abuse and addiction. Law enforcement takes an interest in this, but some supporters of kratom feel that outlawing it is another way for ‘Big Pharma’ to keep their control over sick patients.

After all, they would no longer be able to sell as many of their approved drugs if people were getting better on a powdered leaf. However, humans have a propensity for overusing a drug, especially if it causes euphoria or any other enjoyment.

Kratom is technically still legal in most states, however you will need to check your state’s laws to be sure if it’s been banned or is restricted.

Banning a drug doesn’t necessarily make it illegal. Many states are undergoing a review of kratom sale and use.

To make it even more legally complicated, some states will have bans on kratom in some counties, but not in others.

If you’re interested in where to buy kratom, a good way to keep yourself safe legally and physically is to use it responsibly and to buy from a trusted vendor.

Should You Try Kratom?

If you’re an adult, and you have a health problem that doesn’t respond to traditional medication, you could benefit from kratom. If you’re avoiding mass-produced medications, it’s also a more natural way to find relief.

It’s important that you be informed on all the benefits and uses of kratom, as well as the potential side effects. If you’ve decided it could help you, you’ll need to find a reliable, safe source. Doing a Google search for online retailers could lead to all sorts of shady sources, so be careful.

This kratom guide should get you started on your journey to deciding if you should use it, or not. Want more helpful health blogs? Head over to our site to have a look.

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