Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Home Security Guards

Home security guards are people who protect us from burglars, vandals and other such trespassers who can forcibly enter our houses. Let’s check out the importance of security services as well as the strengths and weakness of security guard for our homes.

Security guards are different from home security gadgets and equipment. There are different types of security guards, such as residential, industrial, business and each of them have different types of duties to perform. You can hire a single guard outright for your home or a team for several apartments and homes either directly or through professional security agencies.

Advantages of Home Security Guards

Why we need security guards? There are many advantages of hiring a security guard either independently or through a security agency.

  1. Additional Protection

Increased visibility by means of using security guards means that it will deter crimes from taking place to a greater extent.

  • Criminals usually lurk in parking areas. One of the advantages of home security guards is that they can walk you to your vehicle at a late hour.
  • They can protect your vehicles that are parked outside.
  • Security guards can ensure that all doors are securely locked

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  • A mobile patrol is visible to criminals and will deter them, as he is capable of reacting to and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.
  • They are useful for patrolling the inner as well as the outer premises of apartments and blocks.
  • Locks and enterphones are not enough to deter criminals who are able to easily infiltrate buildings in the absence of a residential security guard.

Note: Criminals can easily disguise themselves as a mail carrier and gain access with the enter-phone.

  1. Background Checks/Training

When you hire security guards from an agency, it offers additional security to your home.

  • One of the security guard benefits is that they undergo background checks that are performed by professionals.
  • There are several oversight procedures like licensing, screening, and training given to such professional security guards hired from an agency.

Tip: Security agencies carry out checks on criminal background in case of the applicants.

  • They go through though security training. For instance, security guards of Alaska go through 48 hours training with additional training given for those carrying guns.
  1. Peace of Mind

We live in a world disturbed by criminals who can shatter our peace of mind on a daily basis.

  • By placing home security guards at strategic points, home owners can be assured that those who enter the premises must first pass through the security guard scrutiny.
  • Moreover, many agencies also offer customised security solutions satisfying your budget and particular requirements, leading to greater safety measures.
  • When considering security guards pros and cons, licensed security guards check all doors, windows and other entrances in the exterior when you are on a vacation, ensuring that no one can break in when you are away.
  • In addition, you can also ask security guards to collect your mail, water the plants, check the temperature or address any other related concerns while you are away on a holiday.

Note: Some security agencies also provide money back or theft protection guarantee to offer you a greater peace of mind!

  1. Strong Deterrent

Why hire security guards? It is difficult to secure the exterior as well as interiors of a residential building or several buildings. Criminals can just walk into the apartment complex through the unlocked front door or through an employee entrance. Once they are in, they can easily access individual apartments or homes.

  • Security guards can view visitors and talk with them before allowing them through the doors. They can keep the door locked in case of suspicious visitors. This is one of the top benefits of private security.

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  • A home security guard seated at a monitoring station is a great deterrent to vandals and criminals.
  • Most criminals will avoid homes with an uniformed and armed security guard.
  • Criminals are usually wary of the human element, as humans are more alert to suspicious activity and can react better than other electronic security systems.
  • Security guards also monitor surveillance footage, adding another deterrent to criminals.

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  1. Emergency Situations

  • It is additionally beneficial to have home security guards in homes located in high crime areas.
  • Such agencies offer 24/7 security monitoring service.
  • The advantage is that security guards can react immediately in case of an emergency.
  • A security guard using surveillance cameras and sitting in a designated place can ensure quick reaction times to an emergency. When an alarm is activated, notifications are sent to the security guard on his mobile device and he can take immediate action against the criminal through remote monitoring.

Disadvantages of Home Security Guards

Some consider it more feasible or economic to install a comprehensive security system instead of hiring a physical security guard. There are surely some disadvantages in hiring a security guard.

  1. Total Guarantee Not Assured

A security guard is a human and not a system or machine and hence likely to fail.

  • A human cannot be vigilant 100% of the time.
  • Security guards cannot see everything going on in every inch of space, whereas a camera could record the face or the activities of a criminal and they can be caught later.
  1. Cost

The costs can be quite prohibitive, especially when compared to just installing a security alert system.

  • Armed guards are more expensive.
  • Normally, the cost for a security guard could range from $10 to $100 an hour.
  1. Finding the Right Person

It can be tricky to find a reputable guard.

  • Though agencies do conduct background checks, it is not a fool proof system.
  • Some agencies are not licensed and do not conduct professional level checks.

Tip: Make sure that you are using the services of a licensed, bonded security service organisation.

Last Word

Security guards are a resource for your home and there are benefits as well as limitations to hiring them to protect your home. Only you are in a position to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Both physical security guards and a security system with alarms in place are important and can actually complement each other, as technology can guarantee improved reaction time as well as effectiveness in catching a criminal red handed.

A security guard could offer the benefits of immediate physical responses, whereas a system could offer total coverage of the specified areas. The important thing is that you must hire the perfect person that matches your requirements.

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    Its great that you mentioned how security services could deter crimes from occurring. Our neighbor hired some security guards the other day and I was kind of surprised seeing them at first. I think having a guard is a good investment so I think it wouldn’t hurt to hire some if you can.


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