Value for Armani: 9 Tips for How to Find Designer Brands for Less

Did you know that women spend roughly $125,000 on fashion throughout their life?

If you have dreams of owning a nice house and car, figuring out how to cut your spending can help you reach those goals faster. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your style to save money.

If you want to learn how to score designer brands for less, here are 9 tips all savvy fashionistas use.

  1. Sign Up for Marketing Emails

Giving your email to companies who send out newsletters is one of the easiest ways to get designer clothes for less.

Another perk of signing up for marketing emails is that new members usually get a special discount just for joining.

These emails will let you know whenever any big sales are coming before the general public knows. This can give you plenty of time to scout out your favorite items and keep them in your shopping bag before the coupons drop.

  1. Check Out Thrift Stores for Cheap Designer Brands

Macklemore loved the deals at thrift stores so much that he made a chart-topping song about them.

Although the items he described in the song sound undesirable, don’t be fooled. Many thrift stores carry dozens of designer items that were donated in great condition. If you’re lucky, you can even find things that have the original tags still attached.

If you’re ever in the mood for a treasure hunt, you never know what goodies are waiting to be discovered at your local thrift shop. Since the prices are so low, you can buy a lot more items and still stay in your monthly budget.

  1. Get Designer Brands for Less Off Season

It makes sense that people would buy jackets in the winter and dresses in the summer. Retailers use this logic against us in stores.

If you can plan ahead, buying clothes off-season can score you huge savings. Lots of stores don’t want to waste space displaying clothes that people can’t wear in the current season. In order to clear space for items that will sell and get them a profit, they mark older clothes down to encourage sales.

  1. Small Accessories Pack a Punch

Who says the best cheap brand items have to be clothes? Women can save big when they buy clothes that aren’t a brand name. With so many affordable stores like Walmart and Target revamping their fashion game, you can still look trendy without breaking the bank.

Spending your money on designer accessories is a much smarter approach. They’re more versatile, which means you’ll get a lot more use out of them. Accessories are also great for tying an entire look together.

If you want to save on Chanel bags, Saks, and other luxury brands, sometimes less is more.

  1. Shop at Outlet Stores

Outlet stores are notorious for shady advertising. Although they claim their items are marked down as much as 80%, sometimes you’re paying just as much as a normal store.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t killer deals at outlet stores, though. The best way to find guaranteed savings is to scan the clearance rack and other items tucked away at the back of the store.

Any time you shop at outlet stores, be sure to examine each item you want to purchase carefully. Sometimes items are marked down due to defects.

  1. You Can Rent Name Brand Items for Cheap

The future of fashion is exciting. Many companies are realizing the worth of renting out clothes for women who want a fresh wardrobe without the cost of owning the clothes.

If you’re someone who is guilty of buying tons of new clothes each month despite having an overflowing closet, a subscription box could help curb your spending.

Each month, you can get clothes sent to your door to wear until the next box comes along. Once you’ve gotten your use out of it, you can send it back and change your wardrobe again. If you happen to fall in love with an item, you can purchase it and keep it forever.

Renting from retailers is also great for special events where you need to look your best. You’ll never have to wear a fancy dress once and let it sit in your closet for many years to come again.

  1. Get Browser Extensions to Help You Save

Avid online shoppers need to utilize the latest technology to make their lives easier. Nowadays, there are tons of different browser extensions designed to find the best deals for your purchases.

Honey is one of the best extensions out there since it can help find savings on anything from food to clothes to airfare. When you download this browser extension, Honey will automatically add the best coupon code to your basket at checkout.

  1. Hunt for Coupon Codes

Browser extensions are amazing for everyday purchases, but sometimes it can’t keep track of more complicated deals.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal is to find it yourself. You should always check out the company’s sales and advertised deals on their website. Then it’s a good idea to compare those deals to others you find online after a Google search.

Keep in mind that some coupons have stipulations and exclusions that you need to be aware of when planning your purchase.

  1. Explore Retailers Who Sell Discount Designer Brands

Some name brands partner with other retailers to give shoppers an irresistible deal. Groupon and QVC are two of the most popular online retailers who sell luxury items in bulk for a cheap price.

What’s even better is that new users can often get even more discounts for their first purchase. Whenever you make a new account on any website, be sure to check if they offer any deals for signing up.

Want to Live Your Best Life?

Now that you know how to get designer brands for less, you’re one step closer to always looking best.

If you want tips on health, education, finances, travel, and more, Get That Right has everything you need to transform your life. For more advice on how to save big money, check out our blog.

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