9 Cheapest Countries to Visit Around the World

There are only two ways of embarking on cheap vacations: you either pack your bags, arrange some money and take off, or you plan for months until you leave when the day finally arrives. No matter how you plan to do it, choosing the best budget travel destinations becomes crucial, because frankly, there are plenty of cheapest countries to travel in the world.

What you’re reading here is a collated list of cheap international destinations. And by ‘cheap’, it means you get your money’s worth. While there’s always scope for spending big at these places, focus is emphasized on them being the best budget vacations for every avid traveler.

Before you get started, note that the currency has been set to The American Dollar for convenience. If you’re not dealing in the aforementioned currency, you can find the latest exchange rate for your money right here.

Also bear in mind that the list has been randomly organized.

Here’s What You Will Learn About Low-Priced Tourist Destinations From Across The Globe

  • Moolah: What You Stand To Receive In Exchange For American Dollars
  • Accommodation, Food, and Popular Tourist Hotspots
  1. Mexico

 Mexico - Cheapest Countries to Visit Around the World

This list consisting of the cheapest countries to travel to starts off with Mexico. Going by the exchange rate today, you stand to get 18.20 Mexican Pesos in exchange for a Dollar which is not as high as it was in December of 2016 where it was as high as 22 Pesos for a Dollar.

However, you still receive a lot more if you’re from a country with a stronger currency. What makes Mexico one of the most affordable places to travel is its value for money. For instance, dorm beds for a night cost as low as $7.

But if you’re not in it for dorm beds, there are plenty of low and mid-priced hotels at Mazatlan, Puerto Escondido, Zihuatanejo, and Tulum. Best vacation spots for couples on a budget include the likes of Cancun and Cabo, although the beach resorts here can cost you a lot more.

Choose how and where you want to stay, but don’t miss out on the amazing tortas, tacos, and tamales by any chance.

  1. Thailand

Thailand - cheapest places to travel in the world

Thailand has everything covered to be adjudged one of the best places to travel for cheap: beaches, diverse culture, exotic food, and exhilarating adventure sports.

At 34.03 Thai Baht for a Dollar, you can immerse yourself in one of the fun-filled, low-cost vacations you’ll ever have in your life. The beaches and the cities of Thailand are dotted with economical stays that are closely located to hotspots such as Nakhon Si Thammarat, Pattaya, and the bustling streets of Bangkok.

  1. India

Taj Mahal India - best places to travel for cheap

India is a traveler’s delight, and quite seemingly one of the cheapest countries to visit any time of the year. As of today, the dollar versus rupee difference which stands at a whopping 64.60 Indian Rupee for a Dollar can fetch you one the best affordable vacations.

Infusions of domestic and foreign cultures, presence of marvels such as the Taj Mahal, aromatic and lip-smacking cuisines, beaches, hills, valleys, and the Himalayas; India truly is blessed to be tagged as one of the best affordable vacations.

  1. Nepal

Nepal - Cheap Countries to Visit Around the World

Embraced by the mighty Himalayas in the North, and locked by the Indian subcontinent in all directions, the once Himalayan kingdom of Nepal stands out as a one-of-a-kind majestic places to travel cheap.

A Dollar fetches you approximately 103.28 Nepalese Rupee today which is why travelers who like to travel the world cheap flock here.

Buddhist shrines, century-old temples, majestic lakes, forests teeming with wildlife and fauna; these are waiting for you when you do visit.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam - best affordable vacations

Vietnam is not once what it was. This country has undergone drastic changes ever since the war ended. But don’t be fooled, Vietnam still attracts tourists as it’s renowned for offering cheap out of country vacations.

The lush paddy fields in the Mekong Delta to the steaming bowls of Pho, you can witness the best of rural and modern cultures in harmony every time you visit.

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia - cheap out of country vacations

13,317 Indonesian Rupiah for an American Dollar. Now that’s astounding. But what makes Indonesia a mesmerizing destination and cheapest countries to travel is its geography and natural habitat.

Dormant and active volcanoes, the Savannahs, white sandy beaches, rainforests housing adorable primates including the orangutans, Balinese Hindu culture, Komodo Dragons…there’s plenty to see and discover in Indonesia for yourself.

  1. Chile

Chile - economy holiday packages

South America offers great economy holiday packages to every traveler. But the country that offers cheap all inclusive holidays has to be Chile.

The food and wine here are particularly renowned all over the world. Another reason why Chile is one of the few cheap places to go is the mode of transportation. You can literally rent a car and drive to lake towns such as Puerto Varas, and adjoining destinations that umbrella wine and food outlets, volcanos, and waterfalls.

  1. Cambodia

Cambodia - cheap places to travel in Asia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to fly to because the yearly income of the inhabitants is pretty low. However, there is plenty you can see, eat, and explore.

What clubs Cambodia amongst cheap travel destinations? Well, the accommodation: hotels and luxury boats are aplenty down the Mekong River which are considerably affordable than other cheap places to travel in Asia.

Don’t give the floating markets and rice fields a miss while you’re here.

  1. China

China - cheapest countries to visit

This list of cheapest countries to visit cannot be complete if China isn’t mentioned. With plenty to see, eat, and explore, China is a bargain and a performer amongst cheap places to travel internationally.

You can expect to pay for cheap flight destinations out of the country because it borders many other countries in Asia, as well as Russia. While you’re here, do give Shanghai a visit which is renowned for its assortment of Asian cuisines.

For instance, the Peking duck, noodles, dumplings, cakes, and pretty much everything else that screams authentic Chinese food.

Over to You

There are plenty of other cheap countries to travel to apart from the ones mentioned here. So, what’s keeping you from traveling? Pack your bags today and start exploring.

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