9 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

With the advent of technology and the extensive use of social media, the number of individuals and businesses active on these platforms has increased considerably. Hence, marketing teams now allot a budget for social media advertisements. And the maximum emphasis for this type of marketing is on videos!

The many researches conducted over time, shows that an individual remembers and connects with visuals more than printed words. A study conducted by the HubSpot Content Trends Survey shows that 54% of consumers want to see branded video content, and 55% of people consume video content thoroughly rather than skimming it.

Clearly, video marketing is essential for growing businesses. Here are the top 9 benefits of video marketing for growing businesses. Read further to understand why a video maker is beneficial to you.

  1. More customers watch videos

The number of users active on the various social media platforms has increased. It is safe to say that the number of people watching videos is also high. To be specific, there are approximately 1.9 billion monthly users on YouTube!

Hence, investing in a good video maker to create the best content for your brand should be the priority in content marketing.

  1. A video complements marketing strategies

Traditionally used marketing strategies like published adverts might be a great move and a safe option for the business with less risk. However, introducing video marketing is not only the need of the hour; it also complements your marketing strategies.

This strategy will better connect you with the audiences and consumers. E.g., converting a how-to blog to a how-to video will help you gain followers on social media and convert inquiries into sales.

  1. Google quickly finds optimized videos

One of the most significant benefits of an optimized video is organic traffic. Hence, it is crucial to choose the right video maker, create an engaging thumbnail, SEO optimize the page the video is shared on, and write catchy titles and descriptions. These would allow the search engines to share your video with the masses.

  1. Video aids with branding and consumer trust

A video connects with consumers or audiences faster than the plain black and white write-ups. Creating content that would show your brand’s knowledge and humane touch can quickly build trust.

E.g., sharing the behind-the-scenes or an interview with an employee helps build trust and credibility with the consumers.

Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

  1. Using video shows, you keep with the times

Considering the changing times and the changing preferences, it is crucial to be up-to-date with all that is concerned with attracting and retaining consumers. And one such topic that every new age business should be aware of to grow their business is Inbound Video Marketing.

In simple terms, Inbound Video Marketing creates content and experiences tailored for the customers to attract them to the business and captivate their attention to the relevance of the product/services.  And the best part about this is that you don’t have to create conventional videos.

A good story on Facebook or Instagram created using the perfect video maker or a live video on social media platforms works the trick. However, when a business posts content on their social media once in a while, customers tend to be wary about their consistency and trueness.

Hence, being updated with new trends and technologies and using them shows that the business is still relevant and beneficial.

  1. Consumers are more likely to buy

YouTube has become the new buying place for many people. A product review video created and perfected by a video maker tends to help decide whether the product or service is worth investing in.

Since these videos are genuine and honest experiences, they build more trust among the prospective customers. The fact that influencers back these brands adds to their popularity and trustworthiness. For e.g., MostlySane being a part of Wendy’s promotional video will definitely influence her followers to try the food at Wendy’s.

  1. Live video is increasingly popular 

What would be one of the notable features of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram? Well, it has to be the Live Video option! Businesses and celebrities use live videos for different purposes.

However, their benefit is the same conversion of viewers to followers or consumers. So, when a potential customer sees an IGTV by an influencer talking about a product, they are more likely to research the product further and invest in it if it is beneficial for them.

Most apt example for this would be when a celebrity comes live to communicate with the followers to promote their upcoming movie or series or new venture.

  1. Capitalize on the video to gain further advantages in your industry

Using a video maker to create an informative video about the current trends, innovations, and changes in your industry is a sure way of garnering the attention of your consumers.

This helps them know that you are an active brand and are not just there to sell the services and products, but also you want to educate the masses with new information.

  1. Video marketing is constantly evolving 

A truly advanced video maker can help you create videos that suit the needs of your business. Trends like 1:1 videos and 360 videos are getting immensely popular. And with an advanced video maker, creating these videos is a simple task. 1:1 videos help you connect with your audiences at a more personal level.

In comparison, including a 360-degree element in your videos lets the audience feel the VR atmosphere without the required tech or the headgear.

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Looking at the benefits, we are sure you would be excited to introduce video to your marketing budget if you have not already. And for this, you have the best video maker like InVideo that fulfills all your needs.

Though the above information might feel overwhelming, video marketing is a simple tool to increase your brand’s exposure and generate new business.

Here are 2 major tips that can help you reap the above 9 benefits and master the art of Social Media Marketing with videos!

  1. Start by creating simple videos of short duration and then gradually increasing the video’s quality and content. This gradual process would build trust among your audiences and followers and show the relevance and seriousness of the brand.
  2. Create videos to educate the audiences about your brand, products, industry, or more humane topics like social well-being and the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities that your organization takes for the well-being of the society and environment.

So go ahead and reap the benefits of video marketing and grow your business ten-folds!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post on behalf of InVideo , but then again as always, we are devoted to providing content that is supportive and valuable to the readers.

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