8 Ways Blogging Can Be Used As A Weapon

Blogs offer the best means of presenting continually refreshed web content and you can use them to your advantage, as a powerful marketing weapon.

Blogs come with simple technologies that you can use for tracking and it is easy to incorporate the best of SEO strategies and build strong relationships.

The Stats Say it All

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute, the CMI states that blogging is the most commonly used tool for marketing, exceeded only by the social media. Going by the size of companies, around 68% of companies having a small number of employees, ranging from 10 to 99 maintain blogs, with 55% of the bigger companies also making use of the blogging strategy.

Here are Ways to Use Blogging as a Weapon: Blogging is a Beast

  1. Drive Traffic

If you are looking to expand your business, you’re surely aware that you need more traffic to your website. You’ve got to agree with me that no site in the world can survive without traffic.

Nothing like a blog to drive traffic to your site and more traffic means more leads. This is especially true if you can include a button for Call to Action in the blog post.

Search engines always favor fresh content, but in case of a website, you may not add content on a regular basis and nor will you have several pages.

Blogging can be used as the perfect marketing weapon, where you can add fresh content on a regular basis and increase the page count.

You’re probably wondering why you should increase page count. Well, it’s like this – researchers in SEO strategy have noticed a clear relation between the leads generated and the number of indexed pages in a site. With every new blog post, you get to add an additional indexed page to your site.

  1. Using Social Media

There is no doubt the social media play a major role in most marketing strategies. Here is where your blog posts could come in real handy.

With interesting and original content, you always have something in your bag to post on social media platforms and access a wider audience.

More people get to hear about your business and once you learn about their interests, you can have ads on Facebook.

  1. 24/7 Communication

Still not convinced? Here’s another way you can use blogging as a weapon.

Blogging can be a great way of establishing relationships with a cold lead, meaning customers who are not yet aware of your brand or your expertise.

In addition, blogging will also enable you to maintain a consistent relationship with the warm or hot traffic as well, meaning your existing customers or viewers.

By writing relevant blog posts that provide answers to questions that potential customers could be asking, you can build new relationships and trust in your brand.

  1. Be a Guest Blogger

Apart from blogging on your own, why can’t you blog for others as well? It makes perfect sense to be a guest blogger and use blogging as a powerful weapon.

You just need to write content for someone else’s blog. You’re probably wondering why you should offer your expertise to benefit some other blog.

Well, it actually works like this – guest blogging will help you build relationships with the audiences of another blog as well. You can make connections with compelling niche figures in your field and even create business opportunities.

You get more exposure to a new audience. What’s more, you will be considered as an expert in the field, as the very fact that you are being asked to do guest blogging reaffirms the faith that people have in your skills.

  1. Getting Backlinks

You have to agree with me that the most difficult SEO strategy is building links.

Through guest blogging, the blog post gets a backlink to your blog. Search engines analyze links all the time in order to decide whether a page should rank higher or lower.

The number of back links is important of course. Yet, it is also the quality of the links is also crucial to make or break a high rank from search engines.

Do make sure that you link to the social media page or your website while guest blogging.

  1. Monetization

Use blogging as a weapon for monetization. The best way to do this is to by becoming an affiliate.

This will result in connecting a detailed product review with the product or service on your website, so that customers can buy them from the blog and get a commission.

Making money from your blog is one of the powerful ways of using your blog.

  1. Revenue from Ads

First and foremost, let me acknowledge that I’m not one to push pesky advertisements, but you’ve got to agree that they do bring in the much-needed revenue.

Banner ads on your blog can only bring in pennies, but they do amount to something in the long run.

Again, you could argue that ads can put off visitors and even distract them from the main issue at hand. Yet, you could use banner ads by strewing them about strategically to make revenue and use your blog as a weapon for your business.

  1. Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is at the center of most online businesses. Create valuable content through your blog posts and promote it through social media and other sites.

You bet you are going to drive the traffic to your website, resulting in a kind of reciprocal value exchange.

Your visitors get content value and you get them to purchase your product or service in return.

Nailing It

You should surely be convinced by now that you could use blogging as a powerful weapon in your arsenal.

You use your blog posts as content for building audience and this in turn leads to building your business.

Blogging as a weapon totally resonates with sensible marketers, as it helps them to make the much-needed impact on potential customers.

Your blog posts attract potential buyers, gets them to trust you and finally persuades them at the right time to purchase from you.

It goes without saying that professional blogging is no cakewalk and you may have to toil initially. However, the fruits are worth the pain, so why not take the plunge?

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