8 Common Myths About Your New Saltwater Aquarium

Keeping a saltwater aquarium is one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies a person can engage in. There’s nothing quite like setting up a brand-new aquarium for aquatic friends to enjoy.

But a quick search will show tons of pervasive myths surrounding aquariums. So, what’s true and what should be ignored? After all, it’s important to keep pets safe.

Read on for eight of the most common myths about new saltwater aquariums.

  1. Different Saltwater Aquarium Corals Require Different Lighting

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

No aquarium is complete without beautiful, colorful coral. It’s not entirely clear how this rumor got started, but talking to a marine biologist for a few minutes suggests that this rumor is completely false.

Both soft and hard corals are capable of growing in similar lighting situations. There’s no need for specialized lighting, coral should grow just fine if the owner takes care of the tank.

  1. Rapid Temperature Changes After Cleaning Are Bad For The Fish

Fact Or Fiction: Fact

This one is actually true. If water isn’t properly heated after cleaning, it’s possible that the rapid temperature change could harm the fish.

Remember, aquariums are intended to replicate oceans. That means that fish are used to very specific temperatures.

  1. Ich Can Be Spread Through The Air

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

Ich is a disease that causes white spots to appear on a fish.

Aside from being unsightly, it’s extremely fatal. But it can’t spread through the air. Instead, it spreads from surfaces, toys, or even nets. However, Ich is treatable.

  1. There’s No Real Difference Between Freshwater Fish And Saltwater Fish

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

Seriously, don’t even try to put freshwater fish in saltwater aquariums. It’s just asking for money and fish to go to waste.

Not all fish are compatible with all types of aquariums. Research ahead of time and make sure to buy the right fish for the right tank.

  1. The Ideal Temperature For Saltwater Aquariums Is 78 Degrees F

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

Aquariums need heating that replicates the tropical experience most saltwater fish and corals are used to. There’s still a bit of debate regarding the best temperature, but 82 degrees F is suggested.

  1. High Nitrate Levels Can Kill Coral

Fact Or Fiction: Fact

Nitrates are quite dangerous in certain situations. The higher the nitrate levels, the likelier a fish is to get Ich.

Try and keep nitrate levels below 50 ppm to keep plants and fish safe.

  1. All Algae Is Bad Algae

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

Algae is actually quite common in all aquariums. It’s just a byproduct of chemicals in the water. That doesn’t mean that it’s harmful, however.

While it’s important to avoid overgrowth, algae is actually a sign of a healthy aquarium.

  1. Saltwater Aquarium Cycling Takes Up To A Month

Fact Or Fiction: Fiction

On the contrary, cycling an aquarium can take a day if one knows what they’re doing. It should, however, shouldn’t be stocked all at once to avoid nitrate spikes.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of false myths about aquariums, so be careful and remember to do your research.

For more great content on popular myths, be sure to keep it posted to Get That Right. And don’t forget to let us know if there are any popular myths you’d like to see covered. Get in touch or let us know in the comments below!

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