7 Whisky Cocktails Everyone Should Try

Whisky is not just for winters; it calls for every occasion when you wish to celebrate the spirit of life. And owing to the various ways it can be relished; whisky often makes its own special place among other drinks served on any occasion. In case you have tasted this ‘water of life’ just neat or on the rocks, we suggest you try something new and pick up some of the best whisky cocktails.

To help you pick the right choice, here is a list of 7 whisky cocktails everyone should try. Take a look!

  1. Highball

Once you taste this simple yet amazing cocktail, we are sure it will become your happy hour staple. And guess what? You don’t even need a lot of time and ingredients to make it. Just pick up some really nice whisky, soda and ice. Mix it all and there you go! The only thing you need to make sure is to choose a best quality whisky. For that, you can search the best whisky brands in India and begin your fun.

  1. Algonquin Cocktail

With a tropical twist, this cocktail is named after the Algonquin Hotel which opened in 1902 in New York. Like highball, this one is also prepared using a few ingredients. You need rye whisky, dry vermouth and pineapple juice (be sure that it is unsweetened). Once you have the ingredients, put them in a shaker with ice and mix well. Serve it in a cocktail glass and your Algonquin drink is ready to be enjoyed.

  1. The Whisky Sour

A classic cocktail, Whisky Sour is sure to entice your taste buds with its subtly sour and sweet taste. The drink contains whisky, lemon juice and sugar. If you add a dash of egg white, it can also be called Boston Sour. Once you have stirred all the things together, garnish your cocktail with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry. This cocktail works well with any type of whisky so don’t worry and pick any of the popular whisky brands like Rockdove from Hermes Distillery to make it.

  1. Old Fashioned

To make this cocktail, you need whisky, sugar syrup, bitters and orange zest to garnish your Old-Fashioned. An absolute favorite of many, Old Fashioned is a complex drink as the bitters that you add give its taste a new dimension. Here are the steps that you need to follow to make it properly:

  • Put sugar in an Old-Fashioned glass, douse it with bitters and add a few drops of water
  • Add whiskey and stir until the sugar gets dissolved
  • Once you are done mixing the drink, add several large ice cubes to chill it
  • Garnish it with a slice of orange or cherry
  1. Mint Julep

One of the most refreshing whisky cocktails, Mint Julep originated in the US during the eighteenth century. Since then, it has got its name listed among the best cocktails one should definitely try once in their lifetime. The drink is traditionally prepared using four ingredients, namely – mint leaf, bourbon (whisky), simple syrup, and crushed ice. You first need to put mint leaves and sugar in an old-fashioned glass and then muddle them till the leaves begin to break. Once that is done, you should add other ingredients and serve the drink by garnishing it with a sprig of mint.

  1. Whisky Smash

Made with crushed ice, fruits, sweetener and whisky, this cocktail is a refreshing retreat to be enjoyed with friends and family. Begin by muddling up lemon juice, simple syrup and mint leaves together and then add whisky and ice. Shake it all, strain into a glass filled with crushed ice, and there you go! If you want a bit of style, garnish it with a mint sprig and enjoy the savoury cocktail.

  1. Irish Coffee

It’s the last one and hence the most unique of them all. Consisting of hot coffee, Irish whisky and sugar, this cocktail is best to drink after dinner in winters. The drink is often served with whipped cream and is also treated as a morning drink. In case you want a twist in your drink, change the whisky and surprise yourself.

Gone through it all? Then don’t wait and raise a toast to taste and happiness today!

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  • January 10, 2023 at 10:23 am

    My friend wants to surprise his uncle on his birthday by giving him a gift that he won’t forget. I like how you explained that whiskeys could be used as base to create a unique cocktail for them to enjoy. Maybe we should find a store that sells rye whiskey as a start.


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