7 Excellent Tips For Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

7 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

Everyone knows dogs are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. But, not all dog owners understand their duties to be a best friend in return. To own a dog is to take on a big responsibility.

You owe it to your four-legged fur baby to take good care of them and keep them happy. This goes for everything from eating well to playing often and even regular veterinary visits.

If you’re a new pet owner this may sound like a bit much, but don’t worry.

Here’s everything you need to know to keep your dog happy

  1. Go on Walks

Whether you live in a studio apartment or your home has a big backyard for your dog to play, it’s worth it to take them on walks from time to time. A walk is a chance to explore and do something different.

Take them around the neighborhood or go on a drive to the dog park. If you live in a particularly dog-friendly area, try walking your dog at the same time as your neighbor a few times a week. This way, you get to hang out with your friend while the dogs get together, too.

  1. Play with Your Dog

If you and your pup already have your regular walking routine down, try adding something else to the mix. Make an effort to play with your dog.

Buy them chew toys and tug ropes and squeaky balls and watch how much fun they’ll have. This is a great opportunity to teach your dog how to play fetch or incorporate some other form of training while you’re in the yard. Or, just enjoy how happy your dog is with their new toy and play happy puppy games together.

  1. Invest in Good Dog Food

Between all the walking and playing, your dog is going to get pretty hungry. Make sure you’re feeding them well, according to their age and breed. It’s much different to feed a 2-month-old puppy than it is to fill the belly of an adult-size dog, especially if one is a terrier and the other is a Labrador!

Also, your dog should always have a water bowl available to them, and, it’s not a bad idea to keep a few treats in the house, too. The latter should be saved for special occasions, but you never know when he or she is going to do something that’s too cute to not reward.

  1. Keep Your Dog Groomed

Another thing to pay attention to is how well your dog is groomed. Think about when you feel sweaty, dirty, or just gross from going too long without a shower. Your dog will feel the same way without a bath – and they’re the ones playing in the dirt all the time!

You need to wash your dog regularly, but how to keep a dog happy in terms of hygiene doesn’t stop there. Many breeds will need their nails trimmed and some will need you to brush their coat every single day.

If it’s raining out or your dog is experiencing a bit of diarrhea, get puppy wipes to clean up dirty paws or messy backends. Dog wipes reviews can help you find the best wipes for each unique job.

  1. Pay Special Attention to the Coat

There’s more to coat care than just washing and brushing. As important as these things are, you need to look for critters like ticks or fleas and take note of the color of the coat, too.

Some foods are supportive of a healthy coat, which are great to include in the diet of a growing puppy or an aging adult dog. Other things you can do for coat maintenance include special shampoos or investing in professional grooming.

A groomer may not be required for a short-hair like a chihuahua, but it makes all the difference for a long-hair dog. Groomers will know how to trim the coat without causing damage.

  1. Know Your Breed

The difference between things like feeding needs and grooming needs are clear to understand among certain dogs. But, there are more particular dog care things to be aware of, too.

For example, French Bulldogs don’t do well in strong heats, and Boxers are prone to certain health risks as they age. Huskies need to be in a certain temperature and Italian Greyhounds tend to look like they’re shivering 24/7.

These are just a handful of breed-specific tendencies and special needs. Be sure to educate yourself on the kind of breed you’re getting before you buy or adopt a dog in order to take the best care of it.

  1. Plan Pup Play Dates

The final thing you can do to keep your puppy happy is to set up puppy play dates! Just as a parent would set up play dates for a child, dogs benefit greatly from seeing their friends, too.

They may be man’s best friend, but they are social in nature. Dogs do best when they are around other dogs to play with. Many of them often form special bonds and learn to recognize the friends they normally see.

Plus, introducing your dog to other dogs from the start makes them friendly and more tolerable with most dogs in general. This may be the secret that allows you to take your dog to brunch or on family trips with ease. The more your dog gets used to interacting with new dogs and being around other the people, the happier everyone is.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy: Spoil It!

It’s definitely easy to see when dogs form a truly special bond with their owner. Some dogs follow their person everywhere they go, others get extremely excited when the owner comes home, and still more find fun ways to show appreciation for their person.

Such behaviors only happen when you keep your dog happy, and they can be further encouraged by spoiling him or her every once in a while. If you really want to do something special for your pup, check out these awesome gifts.

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