Dream Home 101: 7 Creative Ways to Add Space to Your House Without Breaking the Bank

What if you could have a whole new house for just a fraction of the cost?

Don’t pack your bags just yet, though. We’re not talking about buying; we’re talking about renovating!

If you’re feeling cramped in your current home, there are a number of creative ways you can add space to your surroundings. When you’re done, it will feel like a whole new place (and without a staggering price tag).

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading to discover seven creative ways to add space to your house!

7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Add Space to Your House

  1. Building Out

Our first suggestion is the most direct way of adding space to your home. We’ll warn you, though: it’s possibly the most expensive item on this list.

If you’ve run out of room in your house, you can always build out and add one (or more) rooms. It’s a daunting project and you’ll need professional assistance, but you end up with a house that’s much bigger than it was before.

And while this idea is pricier than some of the other suggestions, it’s far cheaper than buying a new home, and you won’t have to move while it’s being built.

Did we mention adding to your home takes the resale value through the roof?

  1. Enclosed Patio

If your home has a patio that your family likes to use, then you have several potential options at your disposal. One of those ideas is to enclose the patio.

This process involves adding walls and a roof to your existing patio, effectively turning it into another room in your home. And this increases the square footage of your home, which is a boost to the resale value.

If enclosing sounds like too ambitious of a project, there are some other patio options. For instance, you can create a screened-in patio quite easily. This offers protection from the elements and the insects and makes the space feel bigger!

And if you need help, don’t forget to find some good patio contractors.

  1. New Windows

If you feel like the walls are closing in with your current space, there may be a simple cause: not enough windows! It’s tough for a room to feel large if you can’t see out of it.

And a simple problem like this has an equally simple solution. Install new windows!

The cost of such a renovation will go up depending on where you want the windows and how many you’ll be adding. However, you might use this as an opportunity for some long-term savings.

While you’re adding new windows, you might consider replacing the old ones with newer, energy-efficient glass. This can help save money on your bills, effectively allowing new windows to pay for themselves over time.

  1. Convert a Basement

Basements are often overlooked as viable space by homeowners. And that’s unfortunate, because converting a basement is one of the absolute best ways you can add space to your home!

Conversion is relatively easy, too. In most cases, you are just some false walls and electric wiring away from having a usable space. And considering most basements are the same size as the space above them, conversion can add significant space to your house!

Once you’ve converted the basement, there are plenty of different possible uses for it. This can be anything from a man-cave to a room you rent out for profit!

  1. Finish That Old Room

Sometimes, adding space to your home is simply a matter of finishing a room. Many of us have had ongoing projects where we plan to eventually finish a room that is in poor repair and we simply haven’t gotten around to it.

Depending on how unfinished the room is, this is actually one of the simplest ways to add space to your home. And it will really make the space feel larger, as there will be an entire room that was previously off-limits that everyone can now use.

Finishing a room can add space in some other ways, too. If you have children or other family members who have had to share a sleeping area, this is the perfect time to give each one of them their own space!

  1. Convert the Garage

Many homeowners are guilty of taking the garage for granted. Over time, it becomes the place you simply store everything that you don’t want in the house but you’re not yet ready to throw away.

However, your garage has the potential to be so much more. By moving out any excess junk you’ve been storing in there and performing some mild renovations, this area suddenly becomes a livable space that is perfect for a number of different things.

Like basements, garages can make good “man cave” areas to hang out in and have fun. Or they can be the perfect area for handy people to take on those dream projects that are too big or messy to start in the house!

And if you’re worried about where to keep the car afterwards, you can always get a carport from Victory Buildings.

  1. Tear Down the Wall

Our final solution is a perfect idea for certain home layouts. And it’s perfectly simple: tearing down the wall!

Chances are that you have multiple rooms that are divided by an interior wall, creating the effect of two small rooms. Tearing down that wall can effectively add space by giving you on big room instead.

Doing this is easier than you may think because most interior walls are not load bearing. However, you’ll want to check on this before you start taking anything down.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if this is a good way to add space or not. It’s an incredible way to visually and literally open up some space, but some homeowners prefer having the separate spaces offered by separate rooms.

Add Space: The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to add space to your home. But do you know where to find tips for your next project?

At Get That Right, we bring you great tips for just about everything. To see how we can help enhance your house, come check out our home improvement section today!

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