6 Unknown Benefits of Filing Mesothelioma Claims

Between 2,500 and 3,000 people in America will be diagnosed with mesothelioma this year.

Are you one of them? If you or someone close to you is afflicted with this disease, it’s important that you get the compensation that you’re entitled to.

There is much more to mesothelioma claims than just compensation for missed work. However, many people don’t know all the benefits of filing a claim.

In this guide, we’re highlighting 6 benefits of mesothelioma claims that aren’t well known. Read on to learn why you should file the claim you’re entitled to.

What is Mesothelioma?

This type of cancer is highly aggressive and can result in death. Treatments are available, but as of yet, there is no cure.

Mesothelioma grows in the mesothelium, which is the tissue layer that goes over most of your organs.

It’s most commonly seen in the area of the lungs but can also happen in other parts of the body.

Tragically, this form of cancer is often preventable. Mesothelioma is most often tied to asbestos exposure, which is why mesothelioma claims are so important for patients with this disease.

Asbestos has been used for many years in insulation, flooring, and other building materials and products. However, it is very unsafe for humans to breathe the fibers in.

In processes such as asbestos insulation removal, asbestos dust is created, allowing these toxic fibers to find their way into the body where they can cause cancer. Exposure to asbestos due to unsafe working conditions or other preventable situations means you are entitled to a mesothelioma claim.

What are the benefits of mesothelioma claims? Let’s take a look.

  1. Compensation for Medical Care

The first and perhaps most important benefit of filing a claim is that you will be compensated for the medical care you’ve received.

Of course, this isn’t the only form of compensation you’re likely to be entitled to. But it is one of the most important since medical bills for mesothelioma treatment can be huge.

Medical care in America is very expensive: The average annual healthcare cost for each person is over $10,000. When you factor in a disease like mesothelioma, that number can skyrocket.

Resources like MesotheliomaHelp.org and Cancer.gov exist to help you find medical resources and information. However, this doesn’t change the fact that treatment will be costly.

Price shouldn’t be a factor in deciding where to get care – you need to have access to the best doctors and hospitals. A claim can help. Get the compensation you deserve by filing a claim, instead of struggling to pay for treatment on your own.

  1. Assurance for Your Family

Mesothelioma has no cure, and can tragically end in death.

You want to make sure your family will be taken care of, even in the worst-case scenario. Mesothelioma claims can give you the assurance that your family will receive the help they need and deserve.

Even if you pass away while your claim is pending, any award given will still be divided among your surviving relatives. This can help give you peace of mind in spite of the devastation this disease can cause.

  1. Ease of Financial Concerns

Aside from assurance for your family and help with medical bills, mesothelioma claims also help ease your other financial concerns, too.

This debilitating illness can put you out of work and disrupt all your financial plans. A claim can offer your compensation for your lost wages, and disability benefits if you can’t return to work.

You can also sue for emotional and physical damages due to this disease. Although it is impossible to put a price tag on your health, you absolutely deserve to be compensated for the negative effects of mesothelioma exposure.

  1. Accountability for Guilty Parties

When a business exposes workers, residents, or other individuals to asbestos, they should be punished for their actions.

Mesothelioma claims help make sure these companies and corporations are held accountable.

Many claims will be settled out of court, meaning there will be no admission of guilt. However, forcing these companies to pay for their actions means they are likely to be more careful about exposing others to the same risk in the future.

  1. Help Others in the Process

Mesothelioma affects thousands of individuals each year. Many of them will never have experienced anything like this, and won’t know how the process of filing a claim works.

Once you have filed a claim, you become a sort of expert in the process – at least compared to someone who is completely new. This gives you the ability to empower others to take the same steps you did. You’ll have valuable advice to give to anyone else in the same situation.

  1. You May Not Need to Sue

Mesothelioma claims can involve lawsuits, but the lawsuit process can be long, challenging, and exhausting.

However, there are also easier ways to get the compensation you deserve. Lawsuits are optional, but they aren’t necessary for these claims.

Many companies have so many liabilities due to the exposure to asbestos they’re responsible for that they have to establish an asbestos trust fund.

This is a way for the company to protect itself from going bankrupt while settling claims. It protects the company from being sued but still allows it to give people the compensation they need.

These trusts make it much easier for you to file your claim since you won’t need to go through the complicated process of a lawsuit. You’ll often be able to file your claim with just your diagnosis, a doctor’s statement, evidence of exposure, and proof that asbestos was the cause of your disease.

File the Mesothelioma Claims You Need

Mesothelioma claims don’t need to be difficult or scary. You have gone through enough already – you deserve compensation and the benefits that come with it.

You’ll ease the burden on yourself and your loved ones when you file a claim. Whether you go through a lawsuit or the guilty company has an asbestos trust fund, you’ll be able to access the medical care you need and even help other victims when you file a claim.

Do you have experience with this kind of claim, or do you know someone who does? Leave a comment and let us know!

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