6 Must Have Footwear For Girls That Are Recommended By Fashion Influencers

Girls have the tendency to never be satisfied with any number of sandals they have. Whether you have a dozen pairs of girls sandals in your shoe rack already, you tend to anticipate the recent fashion trend alerts by fashion influencers and get some classic and chosen footwear for yourself each season.

Since these fashion influencers have the unique talent of picking out the best pieces from the various online and offline sites available, it becomes quite easy for us to follow them and get some inspiration about the upcoming styles and fashion of the girls sandals. So, here are some must have footwear for girls recommended by top fashion influencers.

  1. Flat Ballerinas

The ballerinas might be flat and simple, but their effect on your personality is commendable. They can be super easy and comfortable to slip and look extremely perfect on any attire you wear.  (Maybe this is the reason you find the ballerinas always in trend amongst the different girls’ sandals.)

Many fashion influencers today flaunt some cute coloured ballets on their frocks, skirts, jeans and dresses on a bright day for a casual and formal day out occasion.

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  1. The All-Rounder Black Pumps

No matter where you go and what you wear, a pair of black pumps never disappoint you. These girls sandals are worn by different fashion influencers on various occasions and boy, they carry them with so much of vigour and glam!

You can simply put on these pumps over any coloured dress, western or ethnic and head onto different events looking confident and stylish as ever!

Footwear for Girls

  1. Strapped Heels

If you are looking for something classy and sexy, try the strapped heels which are worn very occasionally by the fashion influencers during celebrated events. From Masuma MinaWala to Kusha Kapila, all of these love wearing the strapped heels with very thin straps to award functions over their glamour dresses.

Most of the times these strapped heels are either in the gold, silver or copper colours. But we have also seen fashion influencers donning this footwear in classy red and black shades.

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  1. Ankle Boots

The retro cowboy style is back in fashion and the influencers are giving us serious style goals wearing them! You would have seen various fashion influencers flaunting these ankle boots on their denim shorts and leather pants.

And why not, these boots are suitable for such western attires perfectly. You can wear them to the next picnic you are off to and even at a semi formal occasion you get invited for!

  1. Strapped Flats

Along with the strapped heels, even the flat girls sandals of this kind are very much in trend. You would have seen many fashion influencers wearing these sandals over their long skirt or even on the shorter one because of the fabulous ways these can grip your feet.

The flat base provides you the best comfort and that is why these sandals are most recommended by fashion influencers for causal outings.

  1. Kolhapuri Chappals

Indian influencers particularly recommend you to wear the Kolhapuri chappals over your ethnic attires. These go perfectly well with your salwar kameez, kurti and other casual workwear.

You can even flaunt these chappals over your jeans Abd tee sometimes to be comfortable and flaunt an Indo-western style wherever you go!

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