6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tasks To Do Before Summer Comes Around Again

Fall is arriving, which means your air conditioner finally gets a much-needed break. This is the perfect time to get your HVAC unit in good shape before next spring and summer.

When your air conditioner is in good working order, your home will stay comfortable once the mercury rises. You’ll also enjoy lower monthly energy bills.

Let’s go over six air conditioner maintenance tips you should get started on now.

  1. Cleaning the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your unit turns warm air into cool air and sends it into your home. You’ll need to clean the evaporator coil to ensure your unit cools air properly and remains energy efficient.

You’ll find the evaporator coil behind a panel on the front of your unit. You’ll probably need to unscrew and remove this panel.

Turn off your unit and then use a soft cloth or brush to remove dust and debris. You can also use warm water or a no-rinse cleaning solution to remove grime.

  1. Replace the Air Filter

To ensure the efficiency and lifespan of your AC unit, you need to replace the air filter on a regular basis.

Over time, the filter gets clogged with debris. This hurts the energy efficiency of your unit and also affects the air quality in your home.

Some air conditioner filters are reusable. If this is the case, make sure you clean yours once a month. If not, you’ll need to install a replacement.

  1. Clean the Outdoor Unit

In order for your outdoor unit to operate effectively, it needs to remain free of any debris. This ensures the coils can properly transfer heat and deliver cool air into your home.

It’s very common for dead leaves, grass, and other debris to build up around outdoor units. Make sure you remove any blockage with a broom and spray the unit down with your garden hose.

You should also avoid planting bushes or shrubs in close proximity to the unit.

  1. Straighten the Coil Fins

There are fins around the outdoor unit that aid in the heat transfer process. They resemble a grill.

When these fins get bent, they restrict airflow and hurt the energy efficiency of your AC. Use a putty knife to straighten them manually. Just be sure not to use too much force, as you could damage them.

  1. Check Wiring for Damage

Before examining the wiring, make sure the power is turned off at the breaker panel or on the outdoor unit. Then, you’ll need to remove the panel on the front on the unit.

Look for any insulation that’s melted around the wiring. You should also check for burned wires. This is a sign of overheating.

Go ahead and make sure all the connections are secure too.

  1. Professional Inspection

Even after you’ve performed this routine maintenance, you should have a professional come out and perform an inspection. This ensures there are no internal issues and that your AC is ready for the next season.

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Prepare for Summer with Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance

Now that the hot summer is over and your AC unit has some time off, give it some love and make sure it stays energy efficient. Use these air conditioner maintenance tips to ensure your system is ready when the temperature starts to rise again.

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