5 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Dental Office

Your dental practice is expanding, the office space is cramped and smaller than you require. Or maybe you just want to spruce up some things and make a change for the better.

Whichever it is, you might wonder what the things you can improve in your dental office are. Here are five tips to that:

  1. Make a Kid-Friendly Space

Even if you don’t run a children’s practice, chances are some of your patients will need to bring their kid with them to your office. So, if you plan to make families with children a part of your target group, you might want to consider catering to their needs.

It’s only a matter of convenience. To avoid having to look for a babysitter, parents will probably choose a dentist who has a designated children’s area. So, why not be that dentist?

Try to incorporate one room that will be removed from the main waiting area, so that other patients won’t be disturbed. These playrooms come even handier if you are running a children’s dental practice. A vast selection of toys and games can be of great help in relieving both parents’ and children’s stress.

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  1. Make a Great First Impression

People usually make assumptions about others in the first couple of seconds after meeting them. The same goes for office space. Making a good first impression is critical in attracting and retaining your patients.

Especially when it comes to something people tend to be scared of, like the dentist’s office. Put yourself in your patients’ shoes. Imagine that you visit this office for the first time. What would your thoughts be?

The reception area should be clearly visible from the entrance and adequately marked. The reception desk should look and feel welcoming and inviting, which will in combination with a pleasant receptionist, make the visitors feel like at home.

And last but not least, the reception should be located on the quickest route, making it easily accessible. You should consider placing it close to the entrance so that new patients don’t feel confused or stressed out when entering.

Spruce Up Your Dental Office

  1. Keep it Simple       

Don’t fall into the common remodeling trap of going overboard. Dental offices are stressful places for many people, and you want to exude a sense of calm and simplicity. Cluttering your space with unnecessary items or artwork can make a bad first impression.

A dark and overly cluttered space can feel unwelcoming and unfriendly to first-time visitors. Your goal should be an office with lots of bright and comforting colors, natural light sources, and soothing sounds that will make the patients feel at ease.

Also, you should make sure to make the office as functional and efficient as possible, so that everything is within reach whenever you need it.

If you feel that redesigning the whole office all by yourself is too complicated, consider hiring professionals who specialize in dental fitouts, and let them do all the work for you.

  1. Get Quality Furniture

Furniture is really not something you should skimp on. Quality dental chairs are the foundation of a well-equipped practice. Whether your patients will feel comfortable and relaxed, or stressed and uneasy, will often depend on the quality of your chairs.

Consider investing in furniture with good back and arms support, both in the waiting room and in the dental office. Everything should be aimed at pleasing the patient.

So, try choosing a chair with features that will not only make the patients feel more comfortable but also make your job much easier.

  1. Make it Visible and Spacious

One of the main principles of office design is that it has to stand out, or people simply won’t notice it. Visibility is an essential aspect of any business.

Your potential patients should know what’s going on inside even before entering. The front door should be see-through so that they see everything before coming inside.

This rule should be followed even in the rest of the office, as it might help in removing dental anxiety, by allowing them to have full insight. Also, you should incorporate higher ceilings, larger windows open-floor plans, to make the room more spacious and less claustrophobic.

Wrap Up – Sprucing Up Your Dental Office

Renovating is never something you should take lightly, especially when it comes to your place of business, such as a dental office.

All the steps you take in this process must be planned out carefully and carried out in a way that will make your patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

The end result should be a more productive and efficient space, that will attract new and retain old patients!

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