5 Tips for Writing a Stellar Freelance Marketing Proposal

Thriving in the world of freelance work takes more than the confidence to leave your current job.

A successful freelancer knows how to keep their income coming in by generating new clients. At first, this may be as a writer for a local church or photographer for family and friends. After a while though, it comes time to land big clients.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your craft if you don’t have a powerful freelance proposal to back it up.

Your network of current contacts can only give you so much work. Your proposal is what keeps you busy in the long-term.

Here are five tips to write the best Freelance proposal possible

  1. Interest Your Potential Client with Your Freelance Proposal

Chances are you aren’t the only person offering their blogging or graphic design services.

It’s easy to set yourself apart from big agencies. As a freelancer, you get to develop one-on-one relationships with your clients. This gives them more say in the project or at least a direct point of contact, which many will appreciate.

However, you have to be unique among other freelancers, too. Use a visually engaging portfolio layout and let your brand come to life.

Your freelance portfolio is a huge opportunity to show off what you can do. It’s where you can display beautiful photographs or add a few lines of strong copy.

  1. Provide Relevant Samples

As hard as you work on your portfolio, you can’t have just one version of it.

Pitch to the client. Adjust your proposal to be geared towards the business you hope to work with. Make small edits and changes every time, similar to how you would with a resume on the job hunt.

A little bit more time to create unique proposals can make a world of a difference.

  1. Sell Your Strengths

When adjusting your proposal for different clients, always make your strengths shine.

Be clear about the services you can offer and how you plan to execute a project. Talk about your soft skills as well as your industry skills. Share past successes and things you are working on, too.

The more you boost your credibility, the better your chances of landing the deal.

  1. Anticipate Questions And Concerns

Always be prepared for pushback and follow-ups as you work to sell your services.

Take note of commonly asked questions and develop a thorough answer for the things you expect clients to ask. Don’t make it a script, but be sure to have a powerful response.

Potential clients will often ask if you have worked with similar businesses before, or if you have completed a project along the lines of what they’re asking. Answer this question, but more importantly, draw their attention to what you can do for them in the future.

  1. Do Something Memorable

Before you think your freelance proposal is complete, ask yourself what makes it unique.

Beyond the fun layout and the beautiful portfolio, you have to add a touch of personality. Try adding a quirky sign-off line at the end of your email. This is a small touch that can leave a lasting impression.

Maybe, you bend traditional business rules and add a cute meme or a few extra emojis. Whatever you choose, make it memorable. This is like the ribbon wrapped around your proposal.

Perfect Your Freelance Proposal

One last tip – be patient with yourself. Chances are, you won’t make a full-proof freelance proposal the first time around.

However, as you meet with different potential clients and book more projects, your work will start to speak for itself. Your proposal is like an introduction to who you are, and your work is the facts to back it up.

If you’re thinking about entering the freelance workforce, keep up with our blog for more tips and tricks.

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