5 Tips to Care for an Abandoned and Malnourished Dog

In a world where pets are thoughtlessly given away as gifts and bred in dire conditions, pet abandonment shouldn’t come as a big surprise. The sad but true fact is while you are reading this, dogs are being left on the road by their human parents.

While some pet owners make the effort to find a new owner if things don’t work out, others simply do not care. They leave their pets on a lonely road and drive off, leaving them helpless and confused.

Thankfully, as long as there are irresponsible pet owners, there will be good people around willing to adopt abandoned and abused dogs. Deserving of their title “pet parents”, these people rescue dogs from the street and from shelters and give them a new home. If you are reading this article, then there is a good chance you are one too.

Caring for a neglected dog is a challenge. Apart from providing proper medical care, you need to be patient and loving and give the dog time to heal its mental and physical scars. To help you on your way, the following are:

5 tips when nourishing an abandoned dog back to health

  1. Insist on a Full Health Check Up

When you rescue a dog from the streets, the first thing you need to do is get a thorough health checkup done.

This will do two things. Firstly, you will be able to detect underlying diseases and conditions. You will also end up creating a comprehensive health record for the dog, which will come in handy when treating health issues in the future.

  1. Keep It Restricted to a Few Rooms

Dogs that are used to living in shelters often find it difficult to adjust to a new home. They often feel overwhelmed by the visual complexities of an average human home, which causes them to be stressed out. This is why when starting off, it’s best to restrict the movement of the dog to a few rooms.

  1. Monitor Weight and Temperature Regularly

Pet parents often rescue dogs that are in dire health conditions. Unless the vet declares the dog as completely healthy, it makes sense to record the weight and temperature of the pet every day. You can even create a chart to monitor the progress.

  1. Create a Calm and Secure Space

Physically abused by their previous owners, rescued dogs are often jumpy. Experts recommend creating a space that’s free from sudden noises.

For example, avoid the living room or any room that has a TV. Give the dog a few days to feel secure in its new surroundings before going back to normal.

  1. Research About Pet Care Online

Thanks to magic of internet you can get 24-hour pet health advice for free. As a new pet parent, read up on how to take care of abandoned dogs and other related topics.

Check for signs and symptoms the dog might be exhibiting and look it up online to find out more about them. A good pet parent is always informed.

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